4GB DVR x Hidden Spy Pen Camcorder 640 480

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10 Responses to “4GB DVR x Hidden Spy Pen Camcorder 640 480”

  1. Floobity BlahBlla Says:


    In short, I haven’t been able to get it to work and it won’t open when I plug it into a computer’s USB 2.0 slot. The instructions don’t mention anything to be done before use and the manual only tells you how to use it. Maybe I could edit this review at a later date after I perform more tests to try to get it to work but for now, I don’t feel too good about it and well, it’s basically just a really expensive pen.

  2. H. B. Boyer Says:


    This thing is like one of those carnival cons, it doesn’t work

    instructions are poorly written and the pen fell apart the 2nd day I was

    trying to make it work. A con if I ever seen onePegasus PJ-001 4 GB USB SPY Pen Camcorder Portable Video Camera(Black)

  3. T. Hampson Says:


    The video camera (spy pen) did not work at all. Totally DOA. When connected to the wall charger the yellow charging light did not turn on. When the record button was pressed the blue light did not turn on, and the DVR did not record. Pressing the master reset had no effect. When plugged into a computer USB port no yellow charging light, and no access to the file system. Indeed, the computer was not aware that the pen had been plugged into the USB port. Given the price the effort to return was too much, so I just ate the loss.

  4. RichardStep Says:


    I finally got around to ordering a Spy Pen from (some other place). A DCX 8gb Spy Pen (USB, 640×480, rechargeable)… and man oh man is it the P.O.J. Extreme version. Of course, by P.O.J. I mean “Piece of Junk”.

    Let me see if I can detail some of the reasons why this Spy Pen is less than optimally awesome:

    1. Unnecessarily large form factor (could have used a miniB USB connection)

    2. The button on top is VERY conspicuous

    3. The pocket clip / clasp broke off WAY too easily

    4. The pen writing point would not retract completely (remained proud 2-3 [mm] in full retract setting)

    5. (not covered in the video) The housing was shifted and covering roughly 33% of the camera lens, obstructing the view

    6. The “status” LEDs are entirely too obvious, especially when on

    7. The PCB access cap was entirely too hard to remove

    8. The unit worked 3-4 times and then stopped as the SMT switch broke off the PCB

    9. The video (from the `factory’) already on the pen’s memory leads me to believe there is no real company and associated Quality Control

    10. The only visual evidence of video quality I have is about 40 seconds or so from the end of my spy pen review video there is a clip that the manufacturer took and left on the camera – check that out for a representative sample. I would say video quality is `decent’ and `on par’ with comparable low-budget 640×480 webcams.

    I recommend avoiding this pen at all costs…

  5. A. Rayburn Says:


    I’m pretty adept with gadgets, even those with badly translated instructions. In this case, the instructions are not particularly difficult to follow and there’s a good diagram showing where all the very tiny features are located However, minor problem: the pen doesn’t do what the instructions indicate. For example, it says to hold down the power button for 1-3 seconds and the yellow indicator light will come on – so far so good – then after initialization, the indicator light will turn blue THIS NEVER HAPPENS. No. Blue. Light. Ever. Apparently this is a key part to the whole deal as the blue light is when you are in – yep you got it “video record mode”. I tried continuing on skipping the blue light stage, following the rest of the instructions, considering perhaps that they had been written to apply to many models, and this model simply didn’t have that color change feature. I experimented, I do believe every conceivable permutation, checking periodically on my computer… AB-SO-LU-TE-LY NO-THING. And – Bonus, the yellow light won’t tun off now. Wa-hoo. A truly fine product. I am awfully stubborn though, and it’s difficult to believe that it simply doesn’t work at all, so I’m going to try to do a little more research on it. Anyone discovers any trick to this, please post it – would love to know!

    Till then, I would only recommend this to those electronic-whiz-geniuses who are intent on figuring out how this works – and actually it should be sent to them for free by the case! :)

  6. Joseph M. Mukeka Says:


    The instructions written in English-Chinese/Japanese are just a nightmare..It cant be switched on etc..I bought this thing and returned it the following day…

    Why bring such useless stuff here???

  7. Reb Elvis Says:


    This item did not work straight out of the box. Instruction manual was one of those Chinese translations with very bad English translation which made the instructions essentially useless. I returned it right away.

  8. D. Richards Says:


    I was so happy I finally found a pin cam for such a good price but when you find it too good to be true it is just that. In this case NO GOOD. I got 2 of them and not the first sign of a video and one wouldn’t even light up even after several hours charging.

    Guess you get what you pay for and I ask for a refund and Amazon is kind enough to accept my disgust in the product and refund my money.

    I want one that works and has instructions in true English

    The first one I looked at had removable batteries and could have a back up set of batteries for when your on the road to replace and recharge them later.

  9. David Lum Says:


    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3IMT8GU86K199 After three months of ownership, and 50 videos, I’d have to say it’s okay. The ultra wide angle lens means you usually get what you want.


    -tiny, silent, and even writes on paper

    -color images, and decent sound, if you don’t cover the mike

    -simple to play in Windows Media Player, and convert to wmv format

    -actually takes videos at night… as good as any cheap camera


    -no image stabilazation, stereo sound, or zooming.

    -more serious: only about 10 frames per second, so no sports usage

    -easy to cover up microphone, and end up with muffled sound

    The attached video is un-edited.

  10. Justin S. Turner Says:


    This doesnt work at all it wont even power up up I dont recomend anybody to buy this I sent mine back the very next day

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