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10 Responses to “Avaak Vue Personal Video Network”

  1. eekatpants Says:


    I bought this product for a friend of mine who has worked in the security industry for years. Here is his review:

    1. Hardware and Installation: The packaging and the unboxing experience is great. There are reserve batteries inside the box and 2 extra camera mounting brackets so one can choose to observe 4 places with two cameras by changing the positions of the cameras.

    The magnet mounting brackets are amazing. Being someone int he security industry for over ten years, I can say that this is one of the most innovative ideas for low-level security environment. Hence, one can easily steal the camera with no tools required…

    The installation of the cameras and the receiver unit is fairly easy, it would be more useful if the network cable supplied would be longer and more `good-looking’.

    2. The authentication of the system to the web interface was also easy, the portal recognised my system at the first trial and I was up and running in less than 15 minutes.

    The web interface is using Adobe Flash for handling everything, the interface is not totally intuitive, the drag and drop works fine but it takes some time to get used to the total layout.

    The interface is not scalable for netbooks, if you have a screen with 600 px. in height, you have to scroll up and down very often.

    The `playback’ screen is not designed with a `digital video recorder’ layout in mind. Could be better.

    3. Pros and Cons:

    Pros: The product looks awesome, you would definitely put this in your baby’s room. It is very easy to connect to live streams and the streaming is quite impressive, even under low and high light conditions.

    Cons: The recording is not useful because the user has to start and stop it manually, there is no motion triggering (to observe battery life) and to scheduled recording (yet, according to the website). There is no way to connect via mobile, no iPhone application yet. It is possible to check the battery level from the portal, it could have been nice to have this feature without logging into the website, from the receive unit.

    4. General: The idea and the first version is very good. I am constantly going to follow these folks for their improvements, new products and services

  2. R. Needelman Says:


    The only positive I can think of is ease of viewing. Once you’ve synced with the router, you go up online to view the camera. That said, everything else is negative. In no particular order: Their description says the batteries last a year. They don’t say that means 5 minutes of streaming a day. I can get a bar of soap to last a year, if I only use it once a week :-) Their user guide says you can schedule 5 or 15 minutes in the future of the current time. Nope, you have to schedule recording at least 60 minutes in the future, or you get an (unexplained either in the user guide or the ‘help section’) error message. BTW, you can’t record a streaming video for more than 4 hours a day. And, if you stream from the same camera for a few days, the $20 battery will need to be replaced. Also, you can only schedule one camera to record at a time. Oh, and if the scheduled time is approaching, you can’t use the other cameras (I had 3 total) to stream before, during and slightly after your scheduled recording time. Tech support is via email; and was not aware of the above problems until I pointed them out. So, let’s sum up: Cameras don’t record as implied. Camera live viewing time is not as implied. Cameras need at least a 40 watt room light on, for interior views to be usable. Cameras should only be streamed 5 minutes per day (if you want to get a year out of the batteries). User quide and help section woefully incomplete. Tech support slow and unknowledgeable. Sorry, I work way too hard for my money to waste it on this beta product. Great idea. Really poor execution.

  3. spassmeister Says:


    I’ve always been a fan of webcams and have been somewhat dissapointed with the performance and easy of use of home webcam systems. I recently installed aLinksys Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Cameracamera and was struck by the difficulty in its setup, and further disappointed with the lack of range from my Ruckus access point. Fortunately, there is tremendous control provided by the Linksys system which allowed me to throttle back the data rate manually and the reliability has been high since then.

    I was anxious to try the new Avaak Vue system as they have tackled the location problem by using battery operated cameras. The system works by removing much of the “home hobbyist” aspect of the linksys system. The linksys system uses the server software in the camera to essentially host the live feed. For example, in the link above I’ve had my router assign a fixed IP address to the camera, and I’ve opened a port (2000) for the feed. Not hard to do, but in addition to the other steps is a bit too much to expect users to do. The Vue system does all of this for you for $20/year service cost.

    The setup was very simple. Included in the box are: a central access point host and transformer, 2 cameras, 4 magnetic camera mounts, mounting hardware and an ethernet cable. The setup took minutes. I installed the system and used a ethernet jack on the ground floor of our home in my office and planned to put two cameras – one by the front door and one looking out back at the pool. Well, the range was too far, which surprised me as everything else (computers, devices) all seem to work at this range. All I can conclude is that the system attempts to balance between image quality and battery life, and that tradeoff requires the system be physically close together. I find it amusing that vendors included the range in “Line of site” terms. I suppose that’s like using MPG to compare cars (“comparison purposes only”) as I can tell you it’s only 75′, but includes a couple walls, and that’s too far. I moved the Vue Gateway upstairs , which is close and goes through one less wall and that worked. I then registered with Vue and can look at both cameras online.

    The image is acceptable. It’s not as good as the LInksys, but I was impressed considering the battery operation. One of the highlights of this system is the novel mounting “half dome” magnetic mounts that allow you to move around the cameras to where you want them.They claim the camera will last a year on one battery, but that assumes that you only use the camera 10 min per day. This is a use case of, for example, checking the front door while you’re at home, or, checking to see who’s out using your pool. With no motion detector there’s a lack of utility as a security system. You can set a schedule to have it record by I no idea what to schedule. Perhaps if there was a way to trigger it remotely (for example, if a single motion detector could trigger a script to open the Vue website, wake up the camera, and record for 1 min) it would have more value. The website also was a bit sluggish to use, but is basically friendly. finally, they need to have some mobile app (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc) to allow a user to operate the sysetem while on the go.

    I’d recommend this camera for anybody who is not comfortable with the complexity of the linksys system, or would like a quick and easy system to install and use.


  4. Mike Donovan Says:


    There’s a lot of good reviews here if you want all the pros and cons. However, if you are considering purchasing for surveillance/security purposes – let me cut to the deal-killer: This system can ONLY be used while you are logged on and actively viewing. In other words, if you log on and see your home has been ransacked, it will tell you nothing about the crime (except in the unlikely event you were logged on and viewing when the crime was committed). In my opinion, the marketing is deceptive concerning the real security value of this system.

  5. The Bear Says:


    Membership and annual fee were not revealed in the product review on Amazon site. I would never have bought it it I had known.

  6. S. Dart Says:


    Things I like about the product:

    - The cameras are nice and small, and the magnetic mounts are well designed

    - Setup of the product was pretty easy and everything mostly works as advertised.

    Things I don’t like:

    - You can only view one camera at a time, which is a lame restriction.

    - The cameras have a fairly narrow field of view. So it’s hard to find a place to put it that really shows you the whole room. A little bit of a wider angle would be nice. I suppose I could order more cameras to get better coverage, but at $100 apiece, I think they are overpriced by about $50. For $300, they should have included 3 cameras instead of 2.

    - The web site for viewing the feeds is very flaky. It can be very hard at times to view a given camera (takes many attempts to connect, video doesn’t update even when it says it’s playing, the feed stops after a few minutes of viewing, etc.) Hopefully they are just working through launch issues and this gets MUCH better before I get to the point where they want me to pay for this service ($20/year after the first year from what I can tell)

    - No mobile version of the web site, so I can’t view the feeds from my phone. The web site requires flash – maybe there are workarounds, but I’d prefer a lightweight option for mobile phones, even if I just got a single image every 15-30 seconds (which is better than nothing)

    - Video quality is mediocre. I have to use the ‘low light’ setting even in bright daylight. Frame rate and resolution are pretty low. I wasn’t expecting HD quality, but I was expecting a little better. Although the web site seems to indicate that you can view multiple sizes, this feature doesn’t seem to work.

    - The cameras have an LED on them, it would be a nice security/privacy feature if this lit up when the camera feed is live

    Add up all of the above, and it’s still a workable solution, it’s just not great. For $300, I was expecting fewer issues.


    I was really looking forward to this product to remotely monitor my house and keep an eye on the dog when I’m at work. I went ahead and pre-ordered as soon as I heard about it, and signed up on the Avaak website to ‘keep me posted’ while I waited for the ‘early summer’ launch. I’m still waiting for Avaak to ‘keep me posted’ (or even update their web site to indicate that their product is shipping), but the unit arrived anyway shortly after labor day (aka ‘early summer’?)

    Note to Avaak: work on your communications with your customers and update your web site! This kind of stuff doesn’t inspire confidence in your company!

  7. In PC Says:


    When I purchased this camera system, I assumed that since it came with two cameras, I would be able to record the output from both cameras at the same time – wrong. Output can only be recorded from one camera at a time and the recordings must be started manually. You can view two cameras at a time but the results are choppy at best. As a result it is going back.

  8. R. M. Lubynsky Says:


    I’ve been using the Vue system for several months (part of their beta test program). If you understand the intended purpose and application for this product I think you’ll be happy with it. The cameras are completely wireless – no network or power, plus they are extremely small and unobtrusive. This allows you place them almost anywhere. Because they are wireless, the product isn’t designed for constant recording (battery life). The Vue system is intended to provide you with the ability to remotely check in and view your home for a few minutes at a time. While not perfect, it does this job very well.

    I use this to check on my lake house when I’m not there. I have one cam pointed out a window looking out over the dock and another at the main living area. I always wonder if a storm or high wind has created any problem with the boat – so this allows me to check in, take a peek and put my mind at rest. Plus I can see if the lawn guy cut the grass or not. And when I’m at work and wish I was at the lake, I can get a quick fix ;)

    Pros: extremely simple setup. Wonderful design for the cams – no wires and extremely compact. Easy to login online and view images from cameras live.

    Cons: website is a bit flaky and controls are somewhat strange (but I expect that will improve over time). Image quality is adequate.

    Bottom line: If you want high quality streaming video 24×7, this is not the product. If you want an easy to install, easy to use camera system to check in remotely periodically for a live view this fits the bill.

  9. P. Sinclair Says:


    I have been looking for years for a video system that didn’t need any wires. Wireless web cams sounded cool until you discovered you had to plug them in and have a cable hanging down on the wall from the camera. Then I discovered Vue (actually, I read about it in Popular Science). No wires. Nada. Just peel and stick, press a few buttons, and you have video over the web. We installed it in our vacation house so we can check on it when away (which is most of the time). So far it works flawlessly, and the cameras are so small I hardly notice them. As I said in my title, it is about time someone finally came out with this product.

  10. IslandGirl Says:


    I’ve always been curious about what goes on at home when I’m not there. What does my dog do all day? Did the housekeeper show up on time? Did the gardener lock the gate? Well, I finally found a product that addresses all that and more.

    This product is one of the simplest electronic products I’ve ever set-up. All I had to do was insert the batteries into the cameras, rotate the on-switch, plug-in the “access point”, attach it to my home router and press a sync button – and voila! My cameras were up and running and all that was left to do was mount them.

    This product is not meant to be a video security/surveillance system. It does not provide 7/24 video feeds or continuous video recording functionality, nor would you expect it to given that its battery powered. This system is good to look at what is going on with your property while you are not there for a few minutes a day. You can check out what the dog is doing, if your kids are home after school, if your gardener showed up, if your employees opened up the store on time or some other ad hoc reasons why you want to look at something from afar. I could even see an integration of this system with Google StreetView.

    This is what I like about this product:

    1. Setup was a breeze, comparable to loading your favorite playlist on your iPod.

    2. No wires.

    3. I can move the cameras around as needed. For example, the days that my house keeper is at my house I can check-up on her by putting the cameras in the main rooms. On other days, I have the cameras pointing at other areas.

    4. The cameras are so small that they basically disappear in a room.

    5. The website is very easy to use – although it could use some polish, which I’m sure they’re addressing.

    6. The image quality is fine for my purpose.

    7. I can share my cameras with my family in New York so that they can see my kids enjoying the pool.

    8. The range of my cameras seemed to be pretty close to what I get with my Dell laptop and my Netgear router.

    This is what I wish the product would do better:

    1. Provide me with an iPhone app soon so that I can really check-in at any time and from any where – I read some where that this is in beta.

    2. Have a way for me to zoom into an area to get more clarity.

    3. Have a way to do time elapsed photography.

    Overall, I think the product hits a sweet spot for people that want to see what’s going on in places when they are not there and they are not tech savy enough to understand how to configure SSID, open ports on a router and configure Dynamic DNS. I actually bought a Logitech camera and returned it because I had to leave my home computer on all the day for it to function remotely (talk about a waste in energy). I also bought a Panasonic camera but never could get it configured.

    So overall I’m sold on the Vue.

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