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What types of cameras are you interested in reading reviews on?

Photography is a vast subject and there are many varieties of photographic cameras.

Examples of cameras are digital, film, SLR, digital slr, underwater, disposable, etc.  Professional and entry level professional digital slr cameras are popular now for many reasons.  Although there are many “point and shoot” cameras that do a great job of capturing the perfect image also.

There are many things to consider when trying to find out what camera is best for you.  First consider what the purpose for the camera is.  Are you going to take pictures of family gatherings?  Will this piece of equipment be used as part of a new hobby?

Photography is a wonderful hobby.  In fact, many professional photographers started out with photography as a hobby.  They soon realized they had a talent for it, and loved it.  One thing led to another and their hobby became a nice outlet for extra income or even a full time career!  And it all began with that first camera they picked up.

Many people find cameras become more important in their life when big changes happen.  For example, getting married, or having a baby, awakes the desire to capture memories in print (or digitally, of course.)  One of my favorite categories for the need of a camera is vacation.

The needs for a camera to take on vacation are different from other purposes.  A camera that would work well on vacation has features such as:

small size


easy to operate


shock resistant


One of my favorite “vacation” cameras is the olympus stylus 1030sw, although there are newer versions of this model.  This camera, although perfect for vacation, is also a great camera to have handy laying around the house.  It takes video and still photos.  The price point of the Olympus Stylus series makes them a great camera to have as a general purpose item.  Keep it on a shelf, or even in your purse, to capture those unexpected moments that bring joy to our lives.

If you want more control with the creativity aspect of taking photos, then an slr, or single lens reflex, camera may be what you are looking for.  You can still get them in film formats such as 35 mm.  However, the popular models being produced today are digital slr cameras.  It is important to understand how they operate when choosing a brand.  They are not all alike.  Once you choose a brand, the next thing to consider is the lens.  With slr cameras you can buy separate lenses to accommodate your project.  For example, if you are doing portrait photography, you will probably want a fixed length lens, at 85mm.  Brand becomes important when purchasing lenses, because it is all about the quality of glass.

Whatever your needs, there is a model that should be right for you.  Camera reviews are an important step in the buying process in order to get the best fit for your lifestyle.



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