DBTech Mini DVR Video Pen – Gold-accented Executive Pen w/Micro SD Slot Expandable to 8gb, Captures High Res Photos and Video w/Sound. Includes 2gb Card + Card Reader

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10 Responses to “DBTech Mini DVR Video Pen – Gold-accented Executive Pen w/Micro SD Slot Expandable to 8gb, Captures High Res Photos and Video w/Sound. Includes 2gb Card + Card Reader”

  1. Dubree Says:


    Excellent Product! I was very superstitious about buying one of these by checking out all the bad reviews from this pen and others like it.

    I had absolutely no problems.

    Other Thoughts:

    - Would not notice it was a camera for sure. pen writes great! lol

    - Figuring out the buttons was a sinch.

    - Instructions are as easy and it comes ( People must be stupid.. )

    - Stunning video for the size. Common its in a pen..

    - Audio is descent.

    The light, is not THAT noticeable. Hardly bright at all. . Plus it faces the opposite side so no-one will see it anyways.. It cant record in the dark so don’t worry about anyone seeing it.

    I see what people talk about how crappy the screw on piece is. But not a big deal tho, just don’t be stupid and force it.. not enough to take off a star.

    Overall.. Awesome. I will give more feedback if anything goes wrong.

    Will Buy from DB again!!

  2. Fil Says:


    I bought this pen a few weeks ago but when I received it was a completely different pen. I looked at the diagram then at the pen on the outside it looked the same but on the inside it was not, there seemed to be no usb or sd slot. But on the diagram it showed that the usb and sd slot should be in plain sight if you pop off the top of the pen. So I contacted the company that make them they said “look at the diagram”. Then I send pictures of the top of the pen and the diagram to show how they are different, then they don’t have the courtesy to repond. So I bought another one and it seems to be the same knock off pen. So now I am stuck with two unusable pens that I spent over two hundred dollars for these knock offs and the shipping. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE KNOCK OFFS TO ANY ONE.

  3. M. Sery Says:


    Reading the bad reviews, I was hesitant to buy it. I researched other pens and devices, and eventually it came down to this one. No complaints! So easy to figure out the buttons. Easily switches from picture to video mode and back (unlike other devices that need to be opened to change this function). Even easier to get recorded files onto the computer. You just plug it in via USB and that’s it! Video/Picture quality and sound is considerably good (keep in mind it’s NOT a digital camera, so don’t expect much)! Wouldn’t know it was anything more than a pen without taking a closer look.

  4. E. Bass Says:


    I purchased this item from another retailer, but wanted to comment on it here. I got the BPR 6, which appears to be the same one offered her. I purchased a separate 8GB Kingston microSDHC card that works well in it. Total cost about $45. One of the reviewers here was kind enough to write up much more understandable instructions for using the pen. The reason I only give this 4 stars is because the instructions that come with it are essentially useless as well as inaccurate. Find that review and save the instructions – they’re great. Video quality was surprisingly good considering this is a $35-ish “spy pen”.

  5. D. Richards Says:


    The video and picture quality as well as sound quality is amazing for what the cost is for this Mini DVR Video Pen. If you read the reviews from others the instructions are a bit out of date and hard to understand in the translation. The threads that screw the 2 parts together are loose and you must be especially careful not to cross thread them. It looks great like a regular pin and writes well too.

    I have not figures out how to change the time and date stamp om this Mini DVR Video pen yet. I have tried and tried but I must be missing something to effectively make the change. Maybe I need some help on the instructions or break it down step by step to me.

  6. Marvin Pana Says:


    This is a cheap and very good hide camara. the only issue is the batery dont last

  7. Devo Says:


    The video works well but it doesn’t take pictures very well. Also, it’s very easy to use.

  8. Philip Augustine Says:


    item came in an old package as if it is already used even though it is sold as new

  9. Glenn Says:


    I’ve wanted to play with one of these “pen cams” for a while, but didn’t like the cheapness of the first ones I saw. This one looked like it had a nice finish so I took the chance, and won. The pen itself looks great – like “just” an executive pen. It’s fairly hefty and, well, it writes.

    As another reviewer noted, the instructions aren’t quite right for the pen, but you can puzzle out the operation: basically press once for one second to turn it on, give it a quick click to start and stop video, hold the button for a few seconds to turn it off. The threads on the shaft, where you take it apart to get at the MicroSD card, seem a little fragile, but I’ve been gentle with them and haven’t had a problem.

    What really surprised me is that this is an 8 megapixel camera, and the video is much higher-def than the 640×480 of my older hand-held cam. Even the sound is decent; you could use this camera on your vacation. But be careful if you use this for actual spying: the blinking LED on the back is really noticeable. Maybe 007 would put a piece of electrical tape over it.

    The one problem I had was my unit came without the 2GB MicroSD card. I contacted the seller and they sent one immediately with apologies. That was really nice.

    Would I buy one again? You bet. From this seller? You bet.

  10. Dennis Meredith Says:


    I ran across this little spy pen while browsing for a new toy! The video and picture quality are as good as should be expected from an itty-bitty cheap lens! My biggest complaint would be the included instructions, which were obviously for an older product. There was reference to a non-existent “mode switch”, no doubt referring to the BPR (Business Portable Recorder) 2, 3, 4, whatever. After an hour or so of tinkering, I have established the actual BPR 6 functions: Push and hold button 1 second, light flashes past red quickly and goes to green (standby mode). You are now in picture mode. Push button, light goes off momentarily, comes back on, repeat for additional pictures. For video, hold down button 2 seconds or so, light flashes 3 times, goes off. You are now recording (light is off). To pause, press button, light comes on, you are in standby mode. Press again, light goes off, you are recording! I have found no way back into picture mode except to turn unit off: while in standby, hold down button for 4 seconds or so, unit is off. To verify, plug into computer, unit should be recognized as USB storage. If its still on (video mode), Windows will recognize it as new hardware (webcam). The pen will date/time stamp both pictures and videos in the bottom right corner, I’ve not found a way to turn this feature off. I’ve placed a txt file in the root dir per the (older unit) instructions, which stamps the user created date/time, but will not turn it off! Also, Windows Media Player will not play these video files, I ended up installing KMPlayer (free), which works fine. I hope this helps!

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