Defender GK300-7M2 Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System

Defender GK300-7M2 Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System

Defender GK300-7M2 Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System Rating:
List Price: $299.99
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Product Description

Defender GK300-7M2 Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System with 7 inch LCD Monitor and Night Vision Security Camera


  • Works with your existing doorbell wiring so setup is fast and hassle-free
  • Safely identify visitors with audio and video before deciding to answer the door
  • Enjoy the convenience of hands free operation
  • Night vision camera gives you around the clock protection
  • Compatible with door strikes for ultimate security

Defender GK300-7M2 Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 682 user reviews
Home Security System Defender GK300-7M2 Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System Defender GK300-7M2 Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System with 7 inch LCD Monitor and Night Vision Security Camera $299.99

10 Responses to “Defender GK300-7M2 Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System”

  1. Ana Mardoll Says:


    Defender Color Video Intercom System GK300-7M2 / B002OL2I30

    I guess this is a “get what you pay for” situation, since a lot of the other video intercom systems on the market are so much more expensive; presumably, if you really want a video intercom system yourself and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, this will meet your needs.

    However, this system feels cheaply made and I’m not terribly impressed with it. The video is nowhere near as clear and crisp as the advertising photos – the colors are washed out and sepia-toned, and everyone’s eyes look strangely dark and creepy, like Hollywood vampire versions of themselves. The picture is good enough to tell if you recognize the person at the door, but not good enough to describe a stranger to the police.

    The video duration is extremely short – about 40 seconds – after which, you have to press the button again; if you’re watching to see what the stranger at the door does (and whether they leave when you won’t answer the door), then you’ll have to keep jabbing the video button over and over. This is problematic, as the buttons are big and cheap – they sort of “pop” up and down when you press them, so if the person at the door is listening for movement, they may hear you pushing the video button over and over. And since you only have about 50 feet of cord to work with, you’ll probably end up mounting the intercom close enough to the door to be heard.

    The “talk” button, too, demonstrates a lack of craftsmanship; the button is ‘sticky’ and if you press the button at the bottom, then you can speak over the intercom, but if you press down on the top half of the button, the video immediately cuts out – I can only assume that the talk button is shorting the feed in some way.

    We were pretty disappointed, overall, with this video intercom. It’s better than nothing, of course, but the advertising photos were much prettier and seemed to indicate a more sophisticated, better made system than what we received.

    ~ Ana Mardoll

  2. E. J Tastad Says:



    Video quality is acceptable

    Doorbell is loud

    Comes with everything you need


    Cable is only 50 ft

    Chime selection is lame and only 1 is any good

    Bottom Line

    This is a decent video doorbell, but a stand-alone video security system in conjunction with a normal buzzer might be more useful for the people looking for this kind of product.


    For a product labeled as a “gatekeeper” I would assume this would mean for an entrance gate, but the included cable is only 50 ft, and the system is only good for a 100 ft if you buy a longer cable. Might not be enough to get to a persons gate. What this product is really for is a video camera/doorbell combined into one.

    The included chimes are really bad, like seasonal music, and even one with a doorbell sound followed by a kids voice saying hello. I settled on a somewhat traditional doorbell sound, but it still doesn’t sound great, and I wonder why they couldn’t provide a simple “ding-dong” bell sound like most door bells.

    The product has a feature to open a lock remotely, and thankfully this lock can be controlled by the video display unit as to not expose the control wires on the outside (it is optional to hook the remote lock to the outside camera, but this would be very unsecure as someone could easily hotwire it).

    It does work as advertised though and has decent enough video quality to recognize who you want to answer the door for and who you want to ignore ;)

  3. Conspicuous Consumer Says:


    Someone entered my garage last week and stole technology from my car. After living here 30 years with no robberies, I’d gotten slack and left the car unlocked.

    Of greater concern is someone breaking into the shop and stealing tools. This device will make it easier for us to monitor the shop (the car is locked now). If we hear anything, we just push a button on the monitor and get a view pretty much like they show in the product description.

    The device was incredibly easy to activate – just plug it in and it’s working. Mounting is also straightforward. We had enough wire to mount the camera at the front of the shop and run the monitor into the adjacent home.

    Night vision rocks. Wish my SLR could do that.

    I wouldn’t really say the video is color – more like sepia tones. But that is of no consequence. I tried messing with the dials but the image was clearest at default settings and nothing enhanced the color.

    Rather than absolutely meeting my needs (at the least, I need a camera that I can rotate), it serves as a starting point for a more elaborate system.

    If you just need a simple to use and install system for your front door, this may be the way to go.

  4. Eagle Vision Says:


    Given the concerns of crime, I wanted an economical alternative for a video surveillance system. This unit is a good option.


    Video Camera


    Wall Mounts and Hardware

    Connecting Wires


    Constructed of light plastic, I am not sure of its durability in the wet and humid months of Florida weather. The buttons on the video monitor are well marked and large for any user. On the side of the monitor, the user can set the doorbell to various sounds. Doorbell sounds are annoying, at best, and the sound is reminiscent of the old Commodore 64 MIDI songs. Sound quality is good but slightly hollow for conversation. Contrast and brightness can be adjusted.


    Once you decide where to position the system. Drilling in the holes and attaching the unit takes less than 25 minutes. One of the negatives is trying to make the cable inconspicuous. Affixing the cable along the contour of the door and the floorboard took another 30 to 45 minutes.


    For the price, the quality is good but not great. I would have expected more rubberized components to keep the elements from damaging this over time. However, for functionality, this system is very good and more than accomplishes the task.


    Replacing the doorbell button with the video monitor was easy after mounting the camera on the wall. However, it is not going to be clear to visitors that the button should be pushed. The “Defender” label is distracting and not aesthetically pleasing. Picture quality is functional and decent for the purposes of identifying the visitors on the monitor. However, there is a noticeable latency for the camera to adjust lighting conditions. The night vision function is decent but the field of view is limited.

    One of the most useful functions is the ability to use the View button on the monitor. This allows a quick scan of the entryway by the user inside, to “Check things out”.


    Overall, this is good system, especially for the price point. It functions to the specifications but there are two things that I did not like: The sound quality for the replacement doorbell and the lightweight construction.

    This system is worthy of consideration and you will have to decide upon the Pros and Cons for yourself, if you want to get this for your home.

  5. Natalie S Says:


    The DEFENDER GK300-7M2 HANDS FREE 2-WIRE COLOR VIDEO INTERCOM SYSTEM is awesome. Seriously awesome. Not a real techie person, I was worried about the installation and whether or not I would be able to set this up without any help. Reading the directions, etc. took me a few minutes but it was relatively easy. The hardest part was actually trying to secure it to my front porch. Because of the bricks, I decided I could better use the DEFENDER VIDEO INTERCOM system out by my pool; especially when my children are swimming. Hands free, I was able to keep track of everything going on in the range of the video camera — I envision using this during the summer to keep track of what my children are doing in the back yard, especially the pool. It is the perfect “eye” for me to use when I have to run into the house to do something quickly.

    The camera’s clarity and the audo alert are what makes the DEFENDER GK300-7M2 the perfect monitoring system. I was alerted when testing this out — my husband being the person walking up to the camera. I was able to see him without straining or searching through a haze to figure out who it was — even at night because the DEFENDER has night vision. Night vision is the greatest I would think especially if you live alone. I was able to see my test subject get out of his vehicle (we tested the DEFENDER in the back yard around the pool as well as at the front door), walk across the yard as well as come into the camera’s view from the side. Clear picture, audio monitoring. It was so much fun to play with!

    I would recommend the DEFENDER to anyone wanting to feel safe in their home. I would also think using this in maybe a baby’s room would be a pretty cool thing to do as well. That way, you could hear the baby cry and even watch the baby sleep!

    Natalie S. for Amazon Vine

  6. Bryan Carey Says:


    The Defender GK300- 7M2 Hands Free 2- wire color video intercom system is a relatively inexpensive intercom system designed to provide peace of mind with minimum hassle. This device is simple enough to install and is instantly ready to use with the flick of a switch.

    Besides the simple setup, this monitor has some other interesting features that make it useful. I really like the night vision option because it makes visible what would otherwise be difficult to make out. I like the sound- it is easy to tell exactly what is being said- and I like the loud, easily noticeable chime when someone rings the doorbell. The fifty- foot cable is also nice because it is long enough that I was able to place the viewing monitor in my bedroom with no problem.

    As for the cons, I can find a few. The video quality isn’t the greatest- it is a little fuzzy, even though I can still tell who is on the screen. Then, there is the duration of the video- it displays for only about thirty to thirty- five seconds. After that, the screen goes blank and you have to keep pressing the video button to get it back. This latter feature is one I wish was different. Often, you will want to watch and listen to the person at the door, but because you have to remember to keep pressing the video button, you could easily miss something important.

    This is a basic intercom unit, hence the average quality overall. I know there are more sophisticated products on the market, but they all cost several times more than this, the Defender GK300- 7M2 intercom. I suppose for the price, it is an acceptable option but don’t buy this expecting a fancy, high tech intercom unit. All you get with this are the basics, making it good enough for only for those with minimal security needs.

  7. Petropolis Says:


    Generally intercoms aren’t cheap and for $200 this is a pretty good value. It is easy to install, but there are some things I don’t like:

    * Although the picture is in color, it is a little washed out.

    * You can’t have two video intercoms monitor the same camera (I have a 3 story house and would like to put video on the second and third floor).

    * It isn’t real obvious that the button on the front is the doorbell. They give you a lot of doorbell sounds (Christmas, etc) but really you only need one sound.

    * The field of view is rather narrow and the mounting brackets don’t really help when mounting since they are fixed. I mounted it with a piece of wood as an offset and then put caulking around it.

  8. Duane Nowell Says:


    I like the look of the unit and the “color” monitor. The price is reasonable too. I do wish it came in other colors rather than just black. But I can paint it so that’s not a huge deal. There is one thing that is very buggy to me and that’s why I only rated it with three stars. When the chime is activated and I touch talk, I like the fact that I can talk freely without touching the button again, however I don’t like the fact that when I touch “unlock” so the buzzer can unlock the door, that the camera turns off immediately. The camera should stay on for at least 20 seconds so I can see my visitor is able to open the door okay. The way it is wired now cuts off my communication with the visitor. I guess I can ways upgrade sometime in the future.

  9. Brian Lange Says:


    I got my Defender in the mail today. Already tested it out, it’s really really cool.

    I have no real comparisons to make with other video doorbell surveillance systems, but what I can say about this is that it definitely works for what it was intended. Out of the box, it is incredibly easy to use and as quoted in the item description, will replace your old doorbell. (It will require some handywork to mount it and draw the cords between the walls if you want it looking super nice)

    The video image is good… don’t expect HD quality or anything, but it produces a very clear image where people can easily be distinguished. The low light function works extremely well, and its automatic so you dont even have to adjust anything from the main controls. The controls are relatively basic. Three buttons to view, talk, and open the door. There are chroma and brightness dials that you can adjust to your desired level, and a volume dial. You can also pick from half a dozen tones that will ring when the outer button is pressed. The only real qualms I have are the poor audio quality. The rings are pretty atrocious and worse than ringtones on a cell phone. The “doorbell” selection even sounds artificial and produced, but the quality of the actual speaking isn’t too bad. Expect the quality to be that of the quality of intercoms that have existed for the past 30 years. No THX quality here.

    I’m a Film/Video/New Media artist so what I really like about this is that it looks like I’ll be able to do some circuit bending and rewiring/soldering so I can use this in conjunction with some video art projects. The parts are all there. With the right tools, I can carry this along with me places while recording and displaying an image at the same time… but that’s all self indulgent mumbo-jumbo.

    If you want a reliable, safe, and reasonably good quality item than this would be a good purchase for you. I have no idea about the longevity of the device, but it seems pretty well made and sturdy. For infrequent use, I imagine it would last a very long time.

  10. Dr. Stuart Gitlow Says:


    Most homes have at least two doorbells, one for the front door and one for the back. Some homes are more complicated; ours has several additional doorbells, all coming together at a common spot in the kitchen and powered by a transformer in the basement. The promotional materials for this color video intercom system make it clear that you can use your existing doorbell wiring so you can connect everything “within minutes.” That, however, is the last you’ll hear about that as the installation/instruction manual does not include any information as to how to connect the device to your doorbell wiring.

    There are two units here: the first is a box with a button, speaker, and a camera. The box is hard-wired to a second unit which serves as a monitor. This second unit has an AC cord which plugs into the wall. These two units must be connected to one another with two wires. Note that the camera unit must be installed at typical doorbell height. The doorbell isn’t lit or labelled, and isn’t the most obvious doorbell button in the world. If you hook up the unit high, noone would ever figure out that it serves as the doorbell. Down at doorbell level, of course, it is going to get wet in the rain and could easily be broken by those who would rather not be observed.

    The second unit, with the monitor, can be installed anywhere inside, but realize that if it goes on the wall in place of your current bell, it still needs to be plugged in. I’ve never seen an AC outlet right next to the usual spot for a doorbell. But maybe the typical voltage of a doorbell system will run this entire thing. I don’t know…the manual never explains whether the AC cord is still necessary if you use existing wiring. But if you do use existing wiring, one of these units would potentially replace your front door bell, but then what about the back door? You still need your full original system so that it works. Or perhaps this unit can have the back door wiring attached to it. I don’t know. That’s not mentioned in the manual either. The other problem is that most interior doorbells are up pretty high, too high to easily access for monitor viewing and intercom activation, so you’ll end up needing to do some interior rewiring in any case.

    Of course, you can leave your original doorbell system alone and simply install this as an additional unit. In that case, you need to run the wiring from the exterior of your home to wherever you install the monitor box. The units themselves work reasonably well. The doorbell button outside activates electronic chimes in the monitor box – most of the time. You have to press firmly, beyond the “click,” to make the bell function. Loudness is reasonable and adjustable. The video camera functions well as does the IR lighting and the intercom. You can activate the unit manually if the visitor has used your old doorbell, but it activates automatically if the visitor uses the Gatekeeper’s doorbell button.

    So ultimately this unit functions as advertised. But the manual leaves a great deal to be desired, particularly if you plan to use your existing wiring for the hookup. I was left with many questions even after accessing the company’s website, which told me nothing more than the manual did. I’d also look for a wireless system where the external unit draws its power from the existing doorbell transformer while wirelessly connecting and transmitting to an interior unit.

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