Dropcam Wireless IP Home Security Camera with Online Recording

Dropcam Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Home Security Camera

Dropcam Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Home Security Camera Rating:
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Product Description

Use Dropcam as a baby monitor to watch your kids, as a pet cam to make sure your dog and cat are behaving, or as a security camera to keep an eye on your stuff. Everyone has something to watch, and Dropcam helps you see what you're missing from anywhere! The Dropcam is a small wi-fi enabled video security camera (IP camera). Keep an eye on your stuff with your computer at work, your laptop while at a coffee shop, or even an iPhone while on the road! Dropcam also provides an Internet DVR so you can go back and review what happened, and you'll never have to worry about losing tapes or theft.


  • The world's easiest setup - no computer necessary!
  • Watch on your iPhone or Android in full motion
  • Get motion-triggered alerts sent to your mobile phone or email - instantly!
  • Built for secure online access
  • Record and save video securely when you're not around

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Dropcam IP Network Cameras Security Cameras & Systems Wireless Cameras & Video Dropcam Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Home Security Camera Use Dropcam as a baby monitor to watch your kids, as a pet cam to make sure your dog and cat are behaving, or as a security camera to keep an eye on your stuff. Everyone has something to watch, and Dropcam helps you see what you're missing from anywhere! The Dropcam is a small wi-fi enabled video security camera (IP camera). Keep an eye on your stuff with your computer at work, your laptop while at a coffee shop, or even an iPhone while on the road! Dropcam also provides an Internet DVR so you can go back and review what happened, and you'll never have to worry about losing tapes or theft. $199.00 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31gvWPXN4eL._SL160_.jpg

10 Responses to “Dropcam Wireless IP Home Security Camera with Online Recording”

  1. Sirajali M. Virani Says:


    I am not very good with computers, but Dropcam was very easy to install. It took less than five minutes. It has amazing picture clarity on both my computer and iPhone. I use it for security purposes by aiming it at my house entrance. I also like to use the recording feature online to watch past occurrences or anything I may have missed. My neighbor uses his Dropcam to watch his dogs while he’s at work.

  2. sayWhat Says:


    We wanted to have a way to monitor our home when we were away on vacation. Most of the people we talked to suggested the Panasonic cameras, but after reading many of the reviews and comparing the features of the Dropcam with the Panasonic offerings, we decided the Dropcam was worth trying. We have been pretty happy with our Dropcam, with the exception of 2 things, the first one minor and dealing with the setup and the second a little more fundamental. The only hiccup on the setup was that our router was configured for WEP and Dropcam only works with WPA/WPA2. After we configured the router to use WPA, setup took just a few minutes. We went with the 7 day record function for $8.95/month (if you want just live viewing only, that’s free) and set up an email account to receive notification of motion detected. The ability to save recorded data to a remote server (ie, not on a DVR in your house which can be stolen) and the ease of setup is really the two reasons we tried this camera over any other. But the second issue we have observed so far is that motion detection is very poor when room is lit with artificial light (ie, your regular incandescent light bulbs in your lamps in your room). Motion detection works great in a room during the daylight hours, but we were surprised that as soon as the sun started to set, our email notifications of motion detection (we were testing it so we were home at the time) stopped coming and the recorded video feed showed no motion detected even though there was obviously someone walking through the room (video quality when room was lit with artificial light was not too bad as far as we were concerned). Even with all the lights turned on in the room during the evening and overnight hours (say, around 300W worth of incandescent light for example), still nothing. I stood in the middle of the room one evening with all the lights on jumping up and down and waving my arms but the motion detector didn’t notice a thing (although the video showed me embarrassing myself quite clearly). Since we were hoping to be alerted to a breakin and these would most likely happen in the middle of the night, this seems to be a rather big shortcoming. Which is too bad for an otherwise terrific product.

  3. D. Lederman Says:


    We purchased the Dropcam so that we can watch our 7 month old play while we are at work. My husband and I are able to watch from our work computers and our iphone’s. The camera was pretty easy to get set-up and we are really enjoying watching our son during the day. It is very easy to use. Our nanny can even unplug the camera and plug it in in a different room so that we can watch while they are doing different activities. I highly recommend this for working parents who have baby withdrawls!

  4. mimuna Says:


    This is a great camera! I bought the D-link in the past and this is much better.

    Unfortunately, my router 2wire 1701HG doesn’t work well with the camera, so I can’t use it wirelessly..which is what I needed.

    The costumer support was excellent and I got a full refund quickly.

    Highly recommend if you don’t have the 2wire router.

  5. Robert C. Ross Says:


    As a 24/7 caregiver for my wife, this camera has made a wonderful contribution to our life together. I’m constantly alert to her safety and needs when we are together, but always a little anxious when I’m away from her room. Now, she’s visible whenever those anxieties arise, either on my computer or on my iPhone.

    Setup was very simple. We needed to run a 75 foot Ethernet Cat5E cable from the camera to our router; the unit comes with a 13 footer. The company’s service was superb; their response to my question arrived within 24 hours: “The Dropcam product or router will neither affect the ethernet signal as the performance will be due to the quality of the ethernet cable itself as well as various environmental factors such as EM interference. Under normal circumstances, I personally would not anticipate any issues with a 75 foot cable.”

    The camera could be improved with a simple cover that would allow the user to turn it off or on (I use a wash cloth draped over the camera to block transmissions, but worry a bit about overheating the unit). I would hate to see my wife featured on a pirated YouTube video, especially during some of our more intimate caregiving activities.

    And, I’d be similarly concerned if I was monitoring a home safe, and images could be pirated with enough definition to read the combination.

    But, for everyday monitoring of my wife while I’m off washing clothes or dishes, cooking, walking the dogs, running to the store — anytime when I’m away for a few minutes — it’s wonderful to be able to see her on demand.

    In other caregiving applications, I could see mounting the unit close to the floor showing only the legs and feet of the person being cared for. If they fell, of course, their entire body would be visible. The unit also comes with a sound feed — the Dropcam Echo Wireless IP Home Security Camera with Audio and Online Recording — which we may upgrade to, but hasn’t seemed necessary to us so far.

    Robert C. Ross 2010

  6. J. Duffy Says:


    This camera is very easy and quick to setup and use. I point one out the front window of my house to watch the front yard, sidewalk, mailbox, etc. I can very easily keep an eye on things while I’m at work or anywhere I have internet access. It stores several days worth of 24/7 video so I never miss anything. (unlike systems that only record when motion is detected)It does have a motion detection feature that will mark when motion occurs but you always get continuous video. The video has good resolution and works well in lower light. I highly recommend this camera.

  7. Csongor Gyuricza Says:


    I use this camera to monitor my pets. It was extremely easy to setup. These are a few reasons why I love this product:

    - You don’t need to worry about installing complicated software on your PC to monitor, record or manage your camera. As soon as your camera connects to the Internet you can log on to their website and manage all the camera settings from there.

    - If you get the DVR option you can browse the video history directly from their website using your browser (again, no need to install anything)

    - The image quality is surprisingly clear even in low light conditions

    - There is a motion detection feature that will send you email alerts

    There is definitely room for improvement in the camera management web interface. Sometimes the motion detection doesn’t work and sometimes the video takes a little bit longer to load but the system is fairly new and improvements are being made all the time. Because the camera’s web interface is hosted by Dropcam they can fix bugs and release new features without us having to do anything to the camera itself.

  8. sall4real Says:


    I live in New York City and work all day, so the Dropcam I bought along with the free app make it easy for me to keep an eye on my apartment (and more importantly, my home entertainment system and gaming systems). Easy to use and quick setup, highly recommend to anyone who needs to keep an eye on their valuables.

  9. H. J. Groves Says:


    UPDATE 8/24/2010

    So we’ve now had the dropcam for several months and are pleased to report we are still loving it. I wasn’t sure if the kids would start shifting their tatale-worthy behavior out of screenshot, but surprisingly they haven’t changed a thing. We all seem to forget about it when walking around upstairs. My husband and I use it the most when we’re downstairs doing dishes/cleaning/etc and the kids are “supposed” to be taking showers upstairs. It allows us to multi-task.

    One important note in regards to other reviews….I’ve learned it’s not really “motion” detection as much as it is “light” detection. We get a number of motion “flags” throughout the day when the area being monitored experiences no movement. I finally realized it’s the reflection on the walls that’s causing it. The cars drive by our house and it shifts the light coming through our foyer window and casting onto our hallway wall. The camera flags it as movement, when it’s really the light that’s moving not an object. This is also what makes it miss detection in low light. As I mentioned in my review below, we’ve actually set up a number of different cameras in our house. I’ve found the exact same issue with all of them so dropcam is not unusual in this respect and it seems you would have to upgrade to a significantly different price point to avoid this small pitfall. Still, the camera records all the time (we have the 7 day subscription) so we get the video regardless of whether there is a motion “flag”.

    Also, when we purchased it I wasn’t sure if it would affect our wireless bandwidth since we set it up wirelessly. We’ve seen no change to our capacity (I certainly challenge it with all my uploading of the kids pictures!).

    Still lovin’ it and the customer service!


    April 2010

    I’ve been researching various options for surveillance in our home. It is frustrating because I want to use it for a few different purposes but haven’t found everything addressed in one system. DropCam has addressed many of my needs. The only thing I’m waiting for is the technology to allow numerous dropcams on one network (I’d really like to have 6 or 7 of these in our home but they recommend no more than 2). For now, I’m using a combination of DropCam and some portable cameras that record to sd cards. I only ordered one DropCam until I could see how well it really worked, but I’m very pleased. I have 3 young children (8, 9 and 12) so we have a very high “tattle-tale” factor in our house. You just never know who’s telling the truth! DropCam has solved that in great part. Between the video and great sound, we can usually tell who did it (note: I am using the Echo version which has sound). The kids actually love it because they can prove when they’re telling the truth (not loving it so much the other times :)) DropCam support has been nothing short of amazing. They even walked me through how to change my router from WEP to WPA (as though I had a clue what either was). Today was my youngest sons birthday and we had a precious moment which happened to be caught on the camera. I called and was pleasantly surprised to find out they offer a video clip service free. All I have to do is send a request with the date/time/length of the video I want and they’ll download it for me. PopPop and Granny will be so happy to see the birthday precious moment!!! I have no doubt my son will be particularly thrilled to know I’ve captured that moment for all eternity when I share it with his high school friends in a few years…. hehehe!!! Oh my… how many other ways can I have fun with this video???

    I digress!! The second reason we wanted the camera was because of a recent rash of thefts in our neighborhood. We live in a high end area that gets targeted periodically by druggies/criminals/etc who see we’ve been lulled into a sense of suburban security. I put the camera facing out the window today so I could capture what was going on outside. Who knew our township ecological folks drove through our neighorhood so often??? Our police department had advised us the best deterents for the theifs were police presence and us letting them know when something was odd. I scrolled through the motion detector clips and sent a note to our police department. Put the ecological guy in a squad car when he comes out here. It’ll make the thieves think we have cops all over this place!!!

    Anyway, wasn’t sure what I was going to get but I’m loving DropCam so far!!!

  10. Heena Virani Says:


    I’ve been using the Dropcam service for months and find it super easy to use. My Dad shared his Dropcam camera feed with me and I started using […] to check in on him and my mom. It puts me at ease to be able to check in on my parents while I’m in NYC. Not only can I see what’s going on live, but the site also allows me to view recorded moments I may have missed! How cool is that? My Dad also mentioned how easy it was to set up in the house. Highly recommend!

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