Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master HD-quality Security System

Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master - HD-Quality Security System

Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master - HD-Quality Security System Rating:
List Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $589.00
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Product Description

Logitech alert 750i indoor master system is the complete video security system you can set up yourself and count on when you need it.


  • Please note: Logitech Alert Digital Security Systems are not backwards compatible with Logitech WiLife Digital Security Systems
  • HD-quality video and 130 Degreeswide-angle lens
  • Free, remote viewing of live video on your computer or smart phone (iPhone, Android or BlackBerry)
  • Motion-triggered recording and alerts
  • Windows-based PC needed for set-up and control
  • Complete indoor digital video security system?easy to install, no new wiring or networking needed

Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master - HD-Quality Security System out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 682 user reviews
Home Security System Logitech Security Cameras & Systems Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master - HD-Quality Security System Logitech alert 750i indoor master system is the complete video security system you can set up yourself and count on when you need it. $299.99 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41CIKNNzkML._SL160_.jpg

10 Responses to “Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master HD-quality Security System”

  1. JK Says:


    I also have and use the Wilife camera system and even that did an ok job with everything. My biggest problem with the Wilife system was the poor video quality, no night vision or audio and not being able to remote view on my phone. All of this is changed on the new Alert System, The video quality is 5x better then the old systems and its great, you can now see faces and cars with ease with the system. It does even better in low light which is huge plus. I use the android app and It sweet to be able to view my cameras from my phone now.

    I was leaning towards getting a Mobotix camera system to get the 3mp high quality I wanted in IP security, but starting at around $900 for one camera Mobotix was just a little too expensive. Considering you can get a 6 camera indoor and outdoor system for less than $1600 with the Logitech Alert Systems.

    As for the first reviewer that gave it one star just on the fact it there is no ipad or itouch app, Logitech never stated or advertised there was an app for either before hand. That user should have just done his research and figured out before buying that it didn’t do what he needed. Logitech’s website listed all the specs and what apps were available and on what. As did many of the reviews posted online including Engadget’s. Taking 5 mins with google and any could figure out that the only apps currently out are for Iphone & Android. Simple.

    Anyone else who wants a good quality system that is affordable and has tons of features I would suggest this system. The only con so far that I found is the limit of 6 cameras per system. I would love to go as high as 12.

  2. Kevin Oaks Says:


    This has definitely been a good investment so far. Set it up in the living room and now my wife can keep an eye on the kids without running up and down stairs (she’s 8.5 months pregnant). The camera and software were easy to set up and didn’t have any issues with them at all. I grabbed the android app off of the android marketplace too so I can check in on the camera whenever I want. I’ve convinced several friends and family members to pick one up so far, now I just need to convince my wife to let me get another one for the basement.

  3. M. Hauser Says:


    The set up was very painless and easy. It included the inline Ethernet adapters so all you had to do was plug one into a wall socket near your router, plug it into the router, plug to other adapter into a wall socket near where you would want surveillance, then plug the camera in. And that’s basically all the set up that is needed.

    Then you have to install the desktop software, it’ll search for your camera(s) on the network, and you’ll be able to see what’s going on. The camera itself is of very good quality. The picture quality is great, and the field of view is very wide (you might need less cameras than you originally thought cause it’s so wide). The camera comes with a microSD card preinstalled so you don’t have to save video to your computer if you don’t want. It even comes with a MicroSD card adapter! Which was very nice of Logitech to include.

    Everything was extremely easy to set up and I will probably be purchasing one or two more cameras in the future. My one complaint is that the camera that came with my master control system stopped working only minutes after I got it running (however I think that it was my fault because I unplugged the Ethernet cord while it was loading new firmware or something). But I still give this product 5 stars because when I contacted their customer service the lady I spoke with was very nice and helpful, plus she was American and I could understand her! They offered to send me a replacement and I accepted so now I’m just waiting for the replacement. I’m still pleased with my purchase because of their excellent customer service.

  4. I'm not an internet shopaholic - Says:


    I have already purchased 2 indoor and 9 outdoor Logitech Alert cameras to keep an eye on the house. Created 2 site profiles (indoor and outdoor) to view the 11 cameras. Since I was extremely pleased with the IR “night vision” capabilities of the outdoor camera, 3 of the outdoor cameras are installed indoors to capture things that may bump in the dark. Only cautionary note – the Alert system will only support up to 6 cameras to a single site profile that is registered to a single computer designated to download the recordings from the microSD card located in the camera. Did I say that one really does not need to have a computer to record the video? The 2Gb microSD card in the camera will perform all the necessary recordings and once full, it will override on a FIFO (first in first out) basis. You can also upgrade up to 16Gb of microSD card capacity for longer record times. Turning on your computer will provide the convenience of online live viewing and at the same time, downloading the data in the microSD card to that computer.

    All the cameras are connected via 3 TrendNet PoE switches which have been tested to support up to 4 cameras with no drop in power or video quality. The Alert Commander software is still in its infancy (sufficient for me) and I am certain Logitech will provide improvements in the future including the ability to customize an alert schedule instead of a simple turn on/turn off mode. The motion sensor is still being tested for its sensitivity and reliability but the ability to create zones of the viewing area is a nice touch. Audio feature is also nice but not available with the iPhone/Android viewing.

    Love the ability to view over the web as well as with the Android app on my smartphone. For longer viewing time over the web or on your mobile (Android, iPhone and soon to be released Blackberry), one can subscribed to the $79 annual fee. Otherwise, one needs to click on the refresh button every 90 seconds to continue viewing remotely. Both web access and smartphone access can view both my site profiles with a click of a button. Very clear (not clear to view the license plate as advertised by Logitech) when using the Alert Commander software on the computer.

    Overall, very pleased with this out the door solution after researching multiple vendor surveillance websites as this solution takes advantage of my home’s existing Ethernet network.

  5. Bruce Ostrout Says:


    Was definitely easy to set up. Camera quality is decent but definitely not a good quality HD no way you’d be able to read a license plate. The Software looks to be the wilife software and not as robust as it should be for a company as big as Logitech who has had this type of product for years. The alerts and motion detection should have rules and more flexibility. When you log in from the remote apps you should be able to turn alerts on or off for each account and camera. Motion detection is sketchy and connecting to live view remotely often gives a C5-3 error. Support has said that the initial setups have strained the system causing the errors but this is a terrible excuse. a security system should always have 0 downtime. Murphy’s law says that the events you need recorded will happen during a malfunction or server downtime and there are too many motion detection misses and inability to remote view that the percentage is high. You’ll get 10 alerts in an hour where nothing passes through your detect zone and then your kids walk by or the UPS guy walks by and no recording because the motion detect didn’t work. This should be fault proof. An innovative company like logitech really needs to have a product like this with truly impressive advancements…..

  6. Osama I. J. Deir Says:


    I was looking for a security system to install at home, i found many, and this one grabbed my attention. After reading the reviews and downloading the quick start manual, i noticed that the product pictures are misleading in a way that make you think its wireless! in all the real pictures of the mounted camera, there’s no wires!! even when mounted on the glass window! this mislead the customer in believing is a wireless system with hustle free wires. the real truth is: You need an network wire connected to each camera, and a nearby electric outlet to connect the -network over power line- adapter to it.

  7. NKC, MO Says:


    I have had this unit for 5 days now and working well. Was very easy to set up and the camera was instantly recognized. Once after a PC reboot it took 2 tries to find the camera. I have not yet tried to use the IPhone app or the paid web service.

    The zoom and selected zoomed area as well as zones to trigger motion recording are adjustable while watching the live feed. I have not determined a way to zoom in or out during playback of recordings. The alert settings are convienient to allow a longer period of motion to trigger the email alert than the recording or desktop alert.

    My only slight disapointments are:

    -The flashing red light on the front of the camera. I expect required, however I have this mounted on the inside of the window facing out, so in lower light the red light reflects off the glass (I know this camera does not have night vision but it faces outside to a lit patio). Easily solved however.

    -After motion is detected then the recording starts not capturing the first several seconds. It may take a couple seconds to sense motion but the recording doesnt go back “retroactive” to the start of the motion. While I expect that would require some type of memory buffer, it would help to see what triggered the motion (ie a animal or bird) as well as record an additional couple seconds of any real security event.

    -requirement to pay for the full remote service. the free service only allows you to see current streaming and not recorded video. If you receive an email alert you woud likely need to go back and see the recording by the time you logged in. With the cost of the starter kit and additional cameras ideally this would have been included.

    9/4 Update = Have since aquired an iPhone and downloaded mobile commander application (still under trial subscription). Worked partially, sometimes would give error message indicating could not connect, then whould show image anyway. Sometimes woudl not show image (iphone was connected to internet via WiFi not Cellular / #3G). This was aftr a software and camera update was pushed on 9/3 which in the email notice indicated was to resolve issues with remote viewing (which does not seem to be fully resolved). Would suggest hold offf on paying for the paid mobile commander until Logitech seems to have better resolved.

  8. Christopher Coyne Says:



    I recently published a scathing 2-star review of this product, due to a couple frustrations (most notably that the Android app wasn’t working at all), compounded brutally by the fact that I had contacted Logitech and waited over 4 days with no support at all.

    The Amazon review itself turned out to save me; someone at Logitech saw the review, investigated my support ticket, and discovered it had been routed to the wrong department, specifically to the email box of someone on holiday. Within hours I had a personal call from the product director (sweet!) of their security systems, who left me both his direct line and cell phone. He explained to me what happened and helped me resolve my issues – they even submitted an update to the Android app that fixed my problem.

    Overall I’m very pleased with how seriously they took it.

    A quick piece of advice for android users: the Logitech Alert app is available for direct download from Logitech. Do -not- get it from them. Instead search for “logitech” in the marketplace, and you’ll find it. As I’m writing this review, the marketplace has the latest version of the app, and Logitech’s website has a broken, out of date one.

    Logitech also just released a firmware update to the cameras, which allegedly improves connectivity. I’ve yet to test it.

    I still feel that they’re nickel and diming us by charging a subscription fee to control the cameras through the web/mobile interfaces (viewing is free), but I’ll round my 4.5 stars up to 5.

  9. Tim Carter Says:


    I moved from the WiLife system to the Alert about 3 weeks ago and could not be happier. The enhancements and improvements make the system what I have been looking for. Video quality is much better and now you can zoom and pan without paying extra. Installation did take only about 5 minutes with no problems. So far the Iphone app has worked with no issues. We will see how the system holds up over time.

  10. Bert Sirkin Says:


    Below is my initial review, however, the problem has been resolved — see the addendum at the bottom of this post.


    This “could be” a great system – and may be for some. But not for me. I have a modern home with good wiring, but since this system ONLY networks via electrical lines, it won’t work for me. I had two cameras (one indoor and one outdoor) and both were very erratic – I’d lose the image for hours/days at a time, then it would come back.

    On Logitech’s recommendation, I ran the diagnostics which showed that the “powerline performance” was inadequate. According to Logitech, it had to be over a value of 150. Mine ranged between 5 and 75. When on a separate electrical circuit, the performance was between 5 and 40. When the cameras were plugged into the same electrical circuit as the master (according to Logitech, they shouldn’t be plugged into the same circuit as they can interfere with each other), the performance was betweeen 45 and 75. Never was it close to the minimum acceptable level of 150.

    The system has everything I could want – great image quality, decent night-vision IR, decent desk-top app, smart-phone connectivity, etc. The only thing I’d like to see them add (other than decent networking) is better user management – i.e., ability to have multiple user accounts and have the ability to limit users to one or more cameras (with or without admin rights).

    The software is pretty imature at this point – the motion detection isn’t the best and when you “pan/zoom” (really move a virtual window within the full range of the camera’s vision), it starts recording motion. The motion files run between 1.5 and 2.5 MB in size each and are stored on the camera’s SD card as well as transfered to a base computer when connected. I suspect that the software will improve significantly over time, though.

    The system is supposed to send emails out when motion is detected, but that feature only worked about 10% of the time – out of about 40 motion files, I only got about 4 emails.

    Unfortunately, they went back to Amazon today – I really like the system, but the networking was just unacceptable, at least in my case.

    As a post-note, I had called Logitech support 4 or 5 times about the issues I was having and the support personnel had no recommendations for me. So, after dropping it off today to be sent back to Amazon, I got a call from Logitech and they want to try to troubleshoot the networking issue – I suspect I won’t be the only person with this issue – and apparently, they suspect the same. I’ll post results if/when I have them.



    post-note 1


    8/24/10 update – I spent some time on the phone with the development staff and they think the issue is my “whole house surge protection” system that’s attached to my circuit breaker panel. Unfortunately, I can’t just switch it off to find out if that’s the issue, and am not sure I want to eliminate that from my house! It’s a dilemma. But, if you’re considering this system, you may want to make sure you don’t have a whole-house surge protection system installed.


    post-note 2


    8/28/10 – As a follow-up, Logitech has been spending a lot of time with me to determine what the cause of my problem was. At this point, several facts have been determined:

    1) The whole-house surge protector didn’t seem to affect the system.

    2) I have 3 UPS units on the circuit that the Logitech master bridge was plugged into. It appears that these UPS units had an adverse affect on the system.

    3) A remote Logitech camera was plugged into an outlet that also had a wireless internet camera plugged into it (Trendnet TV-IP410W). The Logitech system did not work well at all when this Trendnet camera was plugged into the same outlet as the Logitech camera. Apparently the wireless transmitter in the Trendnet camera had ill-affect on the Logitech camera.

    I have since moved the Logitech bridge (master unit) to an outlet in a different room, on a different circuit than the 3 UPS’s and unplugged the Trendnet camera, and the system is now working fine. MUCH credit goes to the Logitech people who have been fantastic in working with me to determine the cause of the problem.

    I can sincerely recommend this system – with the simple caveat that you may need to find the correct outlet(s) to use based on any equipment that may interfere with the networking of the master or camera units.


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