Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security–Hidden Add-On Camera

Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security--Hidden Add-On Camera

Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security--Hidden Add-On Camera Rating:
List Price: $249.99
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Product Description

WiLife Digital Video Security Camera Hidden Add-On Camera


  • Logitech WiLife Digital Security Systems are not compatible with the new Logitech Alert Digital Security Systems
  • 400MHz DSP Processing Power
  • Windows Media Video 9 Image Encoding
  • Motion detection in up to 16 zones, Auto brightness Image Processing

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Security Cameras & Systems Spy Cameras Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security--Hidden Add-On Camera WiLife Digital Video Security Camera Hidden Add-On Camera $249.99 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41wIFD65rLL._SL160_.jpg

10 Responses to “Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security–Hidden Add-On Camera”

  1. Richard Jacox Says:


    The Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security indoor camera seems to consistently lose communications after a power glitch. Here in Southwest Florida we tend to have a few glitches during thunderstorms. The camera works well until we get a power glitch (rapid off and back on). Once that happens the camera is no longer recognized. The power line adapter that plugs into an outlet and then into a USB port on the computer seems to be the culprit. Sometimes I can get the camera recognized by unplugging the adapter and then plugging it back in after 30 seconds. Other times it seems I have to unplug the camera and plug it back in and finally sometimes I actually have to reboot the computer. That isn’t too bad unless of course you are gone for an extended period and want to rely on the camera as a security monitor. All in all, probably not worth the price.

  2. DR Says:


    This camera has amazing night vision and a very clear picture. The computer and web based viewer is extremely well implemented and the fastest, clearest and easiest interface I have seen and I have seen a lot of them. I have high end acti and geovision systems as well and the Logitech interface is much better (and there is literally no setup involved). If you need a nanny camera and want remote viewing this stealth clock is ideal. If you live in a massive home this is probably not the best system for you though a family member uses it in a 12000 sq ft home and it works well there as well. The key is to make sure the main computer is relatively close to the cameras.

  3. JohnnyNash Says:


    I purchased this item along with a regular standard inside camera. Both worked great for 9 months. The standard indoor camera is still working. The clock camera started losing time on the clock and was way off. Losing several minutes a day. After 13 months the camera just died. The clock still keeps the wrong time but the camera itself is dead. Now I only have the standard indoor working. I went to purchase another indoor camera and saw the new Cisco (Linksys) wireless N cameras at $119. Read the reviews on them and now in the process of changing over. Not here to make you change your mind about this product. As I said the standard indoor camera still works great.

  4. Paul K. Remsen Says:


    Great idea but the cameras are a constant problem. I bought fourteen cameras for home and office. Within a year four died. They replaced them. By the end of the next year only six of the eighteen (14 plus four) are working. The exterior cameras are particularly bad. The “hidden” desktop camera has never worked properly. These products are very cheaply made and the manufacturer will not warrant them for more than a year. Even the ones that still work drop off line at various times and have to be “rediscovered”. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. If you plan to use these for security you are taking a chance.

    It’s cheap in the beginning but frustrating and expensive in the long run. Better to buy a DVR system. You get what you pay for.

  5. HMMWV Says:


    This is a product searching for a home. I bought it thinking it was a high value security camera. In fact, it turned out to be a very expensive solution to the q-see products which record to a 2-tb disk array 16 Ch Network Dvr which work with a wide variety of cameras – not just the junk that logitech resells – but other quality video cameras from pelco etc.

    Logitech’s video solutions are just a disappointment. They seem to think that VGA is the ultimate resolution while everyone else is going 10 megapixels. Whoever runs this operation needs a technical clue.

    Very very disappointed in the whole product lineup.

  6. Christina Says:


    I like this product for how it blends in to the decor, has great photo imaging; however the cord is touchy and will quit working at times.

  7. JT Says:


    Bought this as a nanny cam for my son’s bedroom. Worked okay at first, but after three months it was unplugged and the clock numbers never fully came back on – although the camera still worked okay. Then, after 18 months it completely stopped working. I tried installing a firmware update, but after a reboot, it only works for a minute or two, then dies completely. Very disappointing considering the price.

  8. El Harris Says:


    have not had much luck we the spy cam image not good, presently working on getting my third camera returned back to Logitech.

  9. Yury Yaroshenko Says:


    Great concept, terrible execution. I have (used to have) two add-on hidden cameras connected to the WiLife system with regular in-door camera.

    Power connector on the back of the camera/clock simply does not connect, if you finally wiggle it into woking position, every time you dust around it or even walk by, you are risking disconnecting the power. After a while (for me it was 2 and 6 weeks), hidden camera stops connecting to the server, just works as a clock. Amazon replaced the first failed camera, replacement stopped connecting after a couple of weeks. At this point, neither of two cameras connect, just using them as clocks, even that is frustrating because after the power loss the time has to be set, and that is a project since while pressing the buttons, the clock is losing power.

    I am dreading contacting Logitech support for warranty replacement, had terrible experience while installing the system: I could not connect any of the cameras to the server, their solution was ‘install newer server software, we have an upgrade on the web-site’, turns out that I was attempting to connect through USB hub, as soon as I plugged directly to the USB port on my computer, all three cameras connected.

  10. Karen Says:


    We purchased this camera as an add-on to our system. Thirteen months after purchase the camera quit working and all troubleshooting has failed. Wilife will only repair the device if it is under warranty.

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