Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security Indoor Add On Camera

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4 Responses to “Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security Indoor Add On Camera”

  1. Peacock Says:


    This system is not compatible with various UPnP enabled routers or software programs you have installed on your computer. Also it takes up so much memory your computer will run at a snails pace. It also does not work with current technology such as iPhone or a blackberry. It works with Microsoft only products. The tech support has a very low skill level for any help but they do answer the phone. Overall, it is great in concept but not really useful if you can not use the system. It will record while in your home but good luck getting to view from another computer and then getting help to resolve those issues. I do not want to have to stay up until 1:00 a.m. every morning watching recorded video of my Nanny when the system promises you can view over the web or from your cell phone. They should have huge disclaimers on the box but they do not. Don’t waste your money on this system. Find one that will actually do what they claim. I wish I did.

  2. Superman Says:


    I purchased 2 of these. The products sent were the commercial version and didn’t come with the power supplies and suction cups. Seller promptly replaced the missing parts. Buy with confidence, the seller is very trustworthy. Sebastian, you were great. I was very pleased with my purchase. Best deal on the internet. Thanks

  3. Pinak Nanavaty Says:


    We were able to set up the camera in under 30 minutes. Nice product for indoor use.

    Over all very satisfied at this price point.

  4. W. Jittjumnongk Says:


    I currently ordered this indoor camera from Directdeals and when I first got it it worked fine for the first 5 hours.Then for some reason it died and I had to return it.I talked to the guy from Directdeals and they where nice.So they sent me another one for exchange.I was happy to hear I was getting my camera replaced.When I got my replacement it didnt work so I called wilife and we trouble shooted everything turns out the camera is bad.So that made me think why is the second camera bad too?So I dont think I will get my money back and im going to have to waste my time and call them again and ask for another exchange.In my opinion when you buy something online as a customer you expect to have everything there and working.So im giving this a thumb down.

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