Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security–Indoor Add-On Camera

Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security--Indoor Add-On Camera

Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security--Indoor Add-On Camera Rating:
List Price: $229.99
Sale Price: $239.00
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Product Description

WiLife Digital Video Security Camera Indoor Add-On Camera


  • Logitech WiLife Digital Security Systems are not compatible with the new Logitech Alert Digital Security Systems
  • 400 MHz DSP Processing Power
  • Windows Media Video 9 Image Encoding
  • Motion detection in up to 16 zones, Auto brightness Image Processing
  • Selectable 640 x 480 pixels or 320 x 240 pixels Resolution

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Home Security System Logitech Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security--Indoor Add-On Camera WiLife Digital Video Security Camera Indoor Add-On Camera $229.99 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41qM4YLW-9L._SL160_.jpg

10 Responses to “Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security–Indoor Add-On Camera”

  1. Reviewer Says:


    These cameras work very well as security devices and are reliable and easy to set up. I have two in place. I ordered this as an additional camera and the design has been changed. There is now a fan on the power unit of the camera which makes a noticible noise. This may not be a problem if the camera is placed out of the way somewhere but would be heard if it is in a public/ open area.

  2. J.W. Says:


    Works well. I have indoor cameras looking outdoors through my windows, keeping an eye on my entry ways. I have motion detection recording enabled. Night vision is adequate if you have bright outdoor lights. 2 problems I encountered were, the need to delete recorded images atleast every 24 hrs {you can save segments} to keep your computer hard drive from being strained and WiLife system only works when computer is on. If you shut down your hard drive, WiLife is also shut down.

  3. S. M. Kaplan Says:


    I have 3 cameras set up in my office – I can now monitor the activity in my surroundings while I am working. These cameras do a great job!!

  4. J. Jeffreys Says:


    I already had a WiLife camera, and the original was incredibly simple to set up. The new one is slightly different from the one I already had, however, and seems to have caused a conflict. When I first installed it, neither camera could be detected at all, and after several hours of trial and error (which included updating my software) I got the new one working. I still can’t connect to my original camera.

    If you buy this camera, I suggest you buy all the cameras you plan to use at the same time, to make sure you don’t run into problems adding new ones down the road.

  5. RT Says:


    I like this system a lot for the fact that it works as described. I have it looking out my front window to track people coming to the front door. I only found a few problems:

    - It seems to activate to record clips even though the motion sensed is outside the area set up in the software. I excluded the road but it still records every car that drives by.

    - I had it set up to email me a snapshot when it sensed motion. It worked for a while but it stopped. I guess I have to sign up for the Platinum service?

    - You have to sign up for the service to zoom control the camera remotely and to be able to watch recorded videos remotely.

    - Lastly, the most important problem. The power adapter has a fan that is very audibly noisy. It’s pretty annoying, about as noisy as my Playstation 3. Sometimes the fan pick up dirt and moans even more.

  6. Michael L. Willis Says:


    These cameras were great. I bought one for gifts for several people and they loved them. Now a fan has been added to the power supply. This is a serious problem and needs to be addressed. No one wants to constantly listen to a fan at every camera.

  7. MomtoSam Says:


    I am a working mom with two small children that are with a nanny for three days a week. I bought these cameras to be able to see what was happening in my house during the day while I was away. I LOVE them!! I can log in from my computer at work and see what is happening in four different rooms. I can check my son’s nursery to see if he is sleeping when its suppose to be nap time. I can look into the living room to make sure the TV is off when its suppose to be. I feel much more connected to them during the day and more secure knowing that I can see them and can “supervise” just a bit even though I can’t be there all the time. The cameras were very easy to install – which is a plus for me since I’m not particularly techno literate. Would recommend these to anyone!

  8. M. Barnett Says:


    I love this system. I live in a large house. So far there are 4 cams. 3 are inside, one outside.

    You may have to unplug/plug you main USB thing at the computer a couple of times during initial installation of cameras or software install. But after that, it’s worked flawlessly.

    I even have another power-line network going at the same time.

    I use these inside cameras suctioned cups to windows pointing outside. They do really well in my opinion and the software is great. Online viewing is cool too.

    I work downstairs and it’s a long ways up to the front door. I have a camera on the second floor that point down the driveway. I get a pop-up when the mail truck goes by, a car drives into the driveway, etc. It’s FANTASTIC that I don’t have to come running or won’t miss a doorbell.

    At night, I’ve caught bats flying around outside.

    However…… I would NOT recommend it for business use where you need to report exactly what a person’s faace is to the police… or need to make out a license plate number.

    I’m planning on adding more outside cams as they get slightly better pictures, especially at night. It’ll even detect the motion of birds or squirrels if you set it up that high.

    So, overall, I can’t recommend it enough except that perhaps it’s a little expensive but looking at what you get I think it’s more than worth it.

  9. JD Says:


    The best all around product for home security surveillance we found. Most folks have an old computer that they haven’t gotten around to throwing away or recycling and this product makes perfect use of that old computer. Our neighborhood was having crime problems so we got 4 cameras and hooked them up to an old dell. Had to upgrade the video card but they are cheap and easy to install. Police came and viewed some of what we captured and eventually they caught the burglars. Also bought another system to remotely monitor the caregivers for my 90 year old mother. Don’t buy refurbished cameras. They aren’t as good as new ones. GREAT product!

  10. twd65 Says:


    This product is very simple to install and use. The color clarity is also very good. During the day it does fine looking outside, but the “night vision” is lacking.

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