LOREX 4-Channel Wireless Quad Surveillance System with Digital Video Recorder & 1 Indoor/Outdoor Motion Camera LW2301

LOREX LW2301 4-Channel Wireless Quad Surveillance System with Digital Video Recorder & 1 Indoor/Outdoor Motion Camera

LOREX LW2301 4-Channel Wireless Quad Surveillance System with Digital Video Recorder & 1 Indoor/Outdoor Motion Camera Rating:
List Price: $279.95
Sale Price: $169.99
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  • Video recorder supports up to 16 GB on Secure Digital Card(TM)
  • Record options - schedule by time or motion detect
  • Single channel recording
  • Expandable to 4 total cameras
  • Quad or sequential viewing

LOREX LW2301 4-Channel Wireless Quad Surveillance System with Digital Video Recorder & 1 Indoor/Outdoor Motion Camera out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 682 user reviews
Surveillance Systems Wireless Cameras & Video LOREX LW2301 4-Channel Wireless Quad Surveillance System with Digital Video Recorder & 1 Indoor/Outdoor Motion Camera Lorex WIRELESS DVR SYSTEM W/ 1 CAMERAPERP WITH 2GB SD CARD - MOTION RECORD $279.95 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31bqv%2B8pOTL._SL160_.jpg

10 Responses to “LOREX 4-Channel Wireless Quad Surveillance System with Digital Video Recorder & 1 Indoor/Outdoor Motion Camera LW2301”

  1. R.Cabell Says:


    Great value. Easy to set up. I added a $90 13″ TV monitor, replaced the 2GB chip with an 8GB, and liked things so much, added a second camera. Individual cameras require ac power, but transmit wireless to the control unit. When a camera’s passive IR detects motion, it records either a preset 5, 10 or 15 seconds… whatever you specify, and you can record at higher or lower quality. I use high quality and five seconds. It creates a new folder each day, and each recording is an audio-visual file whose name is composed of the time HHHHMMSS and camera #. e.g. 10450122-01.AVI…… Each 5-second hiQ recording runs about 800 MB. You can review the files, or take out the chip, put it in your computer and look at them with software like Windows Media Player. I live in the country, so not much goes on… it records 50-60 hits a day. At that rate, a 5GB chip will hold about 3 months. When the chip is full, you can set the system to start writing over the oldest. The passive IR takes getting used to. It and the night vision only work within about 10-15 ft of the camera. A quirk is that afternoon thermals from my woodpile and my driveway apparently are enough to trigger recording.

  2. christinemm - The Thinking Mother Says:


    Before I delve into the numerous issues I have with this product, the price is low and installation is easy. However, if the product is defective or can’t do the job, I can’t see how it could be rated higher than 1 star!


    My unit was defective in two ways.

    1. First defect, the area where the AC adaptor plugs into didn’t work consistently. While not being touched, the unit would alternately lose power then turn back on, or just stay off. One night while attempting an overnight surveillance with motion-detector record, it shut off shortly after being set up. I had checked the connections and made sure it was on a stable surface. My husband inspected it and feels the jack is loose or that it is not making the connection inside the unit (it’s not a defect in the wire cord). I worry of the quality of this product or the consistency of the product’s manufacture. Perhaps the low price for this unit is a signal for low quality construction and is unreliable. Even at this low price if it doesn’t work or is unreliable, what good is it?

    2. The second defect was the digital memory card that came with this kit was non-functional. This is the card that records the video. I tried it in other products I own and it didn’t work there either. In order to test the product I substituted the card from my digital camera, and my card worked just fine. Again if this product is defective what good is it? If some product this company ships out is not consistently of high quality this is risky for the consumer to invest in.

    3. There are two settings for the video quality. The default setting is a poor quality video. It does not stream well and action is recorded in jerky motions or appears smear-y. Details on faces or objects are not very good on that setting. If you want higher quality you must change the setting but I note it will use more memory on the card and you may run out of space depending on how long you record for in before deleting the files. You may have to buy a new, larger memory card.

    4. I tested the motion detection indoors and outdoors on a deck. Indoors it was fine, but outdoors, it recorded RAIN as motion and recorded every rainy moment that the camera was on. The recordings were in ten minute segments and recorded the entire time it rained. I live in New England where rain or drizzle is common. If the issue is you want to know when or if someone is on your property or who was at your front door, you’d have to visually scan every recorded segment to see what happened or if it was just rain, or just not view it if nothing problematic happened (like a break in). It also records small movements due to WIND. Tree leaves and bushes that move due to wind trigger the device to record. I guess if you record and only look at the video if your house is broken into then this would not be an issue.

    5. The deleting of the 10 minute long recordings has to be done one by one. On the rainy night I had to delete many files which takes 4 button pushes per deletion. This took me about 15 minutes to do after 9 hours of motion-activated recording on a night of intermittent rain. That was too long to spend on that endeavor. There should be a “delete all” button or the process should be simplified in some other way.

    6. The programming of the unit and its remote control is primitive. The steps seem odd and I needed to use the instruction manual to figure out something that should be simple such as how to turn the motion detection video on and how to delete a file. This is not really intuitive or user friendly. There seem to be more steps to do something simple and common than there need to be. The remote is small and the number of buttons is low. The buttons are not all unique and labeled with their actions which doesn’t make them user friendly.

    7. The power source is an issue in general. If you place the unit outdoors the power cord runs right out of the unit and needs to plug in somewhere. Homeowners may not have a power source outdoors to plug the unit into. It could be tricky or damaging to the wire to try to run the cord indoors through a window or door to access an indoor electrical outlet. If this is for security reasons, such as if placed near a front door, a thief could easily unplug the unit (easiest) or cut the power cord (harder). I think the company is over-marketing this to homeowners as a home security system when its outdoor use is limited due to the electrical power challenges.

    ***However this is a system for amateurs to be able to install themselves, the alternative is a professional security system installed by a professional that includes electrical wiring that goes into walls. You can’t have it both ways!

    Or, a battery operated unit is another option. Perhaps this unit, although weather-proof, really is optimal for INDOOR USE. Think about what your purpose for this unit is and what your environment is like, if it can support this do-it-yourself system.


    1. It’s inexpensive.

    2. It’s easy to set up. My twelve year old son set it up in under 15 minutes. He has no experience with this type of system. You certainly do not need a professional to install this.

    3. This seems ideally suited for INDOOR USE such as for a small business for staff monitoring or security purposes (should the business be robbed).

    4. This system can also be used as live video cam. It does not have to be used to record or motion record. It is a better system than I once received as an unasked for baby shower gift which was a system to watch the baby napping in the crib when I was in other rooms in the house, to check to see if the baby was awake or sleeping or safe. I am unsure how many homeowners would desire to use such a system in their private homes but you never know…

    I did not contact customer service to discuss this faulty equipment. I have been too busy to deal with the company, and I’ve already put in multiple nights of recording and daytime recordings, many hours of product review time working with the unit have been dedicated to this review, plus the time to write this. I put off publishing this waiting for time to call customer service. Sorry, but I have no time to take it to the next level to deal with customer service, so the experience I had as described will have to suffice.

  3. Andre Lawrence Says:


    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R28JDPO0FJ1WVQ * Initial Inspection and Setup

    ** Items needed and Optional Recommendations

    *** Testing & Results

    **** Conclusion

    Lorex’ Wireless System (#LW2301) is a relatively compact surveillance system. It has very few pieces including an indoor/outdoor-“Nightvision” camera, a digital receiver with an RCA stereo output, 2 GB harddrive and an assortment of mounting accessories.

    * I found the installation pretty straightforward and not really needing to consult the manual. However, there is a need for the manual if you elect to attach several (optional) cameras to the system.

    Other than a hammer or a screwdriver to nail the camera’s wall mount, there’s no other mandatory tool you’ll need to get the basic system up and running in a matter of 10 minutes max.

    ** If, as I stated in the video, that you have one of those older model TVs’ that you’re going to use as the monitor, then you’ll need a mono-stereo input converter, which is about $20, to be able to receive the signal from the camera to the receiver.

    I’d also recommend, a UPS (a portable battery backup unit)–prices range from $35- $200 with the median around $60.

    *** When deciding how to use the system, I found it important, especially if you’re considering it for home use to think about where you want to have strict surveillance. If you want to be alerted when someone is just outside your home, the camera must be placed outside. I made an interesting discovery during the first day of testing. I mounted the camera in the foyer with the backdoor several feet away. The foyer is separated by several full-length glass that opens up to the outside. With the camera aimed directly outside past the foyer (with a clear shot of roughly 50′), the camera would stream people going by but wouldn’t recognize them even someone who was directly on the opposite side of the open glass door to the foyer. It was not until the person walked in that the system recognized them. This is not a negative criticism but an observation as to the limits of the system.

    I also wasn’t terribly impressed with the resolution of the image saved on the receiver’s harddrive. As you can see in the video, the image of the person walking by and setting off the alarm (me!) wasn’t sharp despite my being no more than a foot away from the camera.

    **** For what it promises and for the price, I would consider this a good (not a great) buy for a home/ apartment use and maybe for a section of an office in a small business.

    Four stars.

  4. Anthony Lawrence Says:


    Yes, easy to set up. But if you have a camera device, why not go the extra step and let it be network connected? Remote viewing is what most people want and expect today. Does it cost that much to throw in a tcp/ip connection? Maybe it does, but it would sure make this a lot more useful.

    Of course there are situations where just storing and looking at it later are fine. I suppose that’s the market they are aiming for. I think I’d rather step up and pay extra for PC connectivity and setup – setup was a bit annoying for me because my TV already has all of its video inputs in use. Once that’s done, you can just pop out the SD card and view it in your computer, but you do need to set it up with a TV – and I suppose if anything every went wrong you’d need it again – more reasons why network access would make more sense.

    I liked that the mounting bracket was decent quality. That at least makes it a little harder to climb up a ladder and rip this off – they’d need some tools at least,

    Good looking unit, too – not boxy and clumsy. If I could access it through my computer directly, it would be perfect.

  5. I. R. Smart. Says:


    The Lorex LW2301 wireless camera system is easy to setup and use. It has a basic set of features that limit its application. It is a very good system for in-premises monitoring.


    Unpacking and setting up the system is quick. For testing, I was able to have the system up and runnning in about 30 minutes. This excludes proper mounting/installation for actual usage.

    The package includes everything you need to connect the system using a display (display not included). Once the base unit and camera were powered on, they paired automatically.


    The built-in IR motion sensor on the camera is a great feature. Other systems I have used rely only on the captures image, which can take processing time and is less accurate. The IR motion sensor range is wider than the camera view point, so motion is detected before the subject enters view,which is nice for a security system.

    The base unit needs to be connected to a display that has composite vide input. This allows for connectivity with most TVs and monitor. The low resolution of the composite connection limits image quality. The user interface (UI) has a basic set of options that are navigated using directional arrows in both the unit and a remote control included in the package. The UI uses icons. Most are intuitive; some require referencing the user manual.

    Recording can be done manually, by schedule and by motion detection.

    The package includes a remote control. The remote is small and not very responsive. I had to hold it with one hand and press keys with the other to get it to respond. I found myself utilizing the base unit controls to avoid the frustration with the remote.


    The camera system’s main strenght is its simplicity. For monitoring a small room or building entrance, it works well. It avoids complex software and computer setup. The system is not suited for remote monitoring and instant event notification or alerts because it is self-contained with no connectivity. It is not designed for remote security monitoring. This is its BIGGEST downfall, and why you can’t rely on it when you’re away from the business/store etc. What this means is that if someone breaks into your house/store etc when you’re NOT there, you’ll have no idea it happened. Yes, the Lorex will record it, but if the Lorex gets stolen during the break-in, that won’t help you. :D

    If you are looking for simple local monotoring and record-keeping video, this is a low cost, easy-to-use option. No remote access means it loses a star. But you could certainly do a lot worse!


  6. Margaux Paschke Says:


    We have just set this system up and it took around 20 minutes to install the camera (you only need a screwdriver) and 10 minutes to get it ready to record. Everything you need to get this indoor/outdoor surveillance is included in the box.

    We installed the camera outside. There are adjustment knobs to help get the exact view you want. The system tells you if your camera is out of range and provides signal strength. You better be sure where you want to mount it before you attach it to your house. We could not place the camera exactly where we wanted due to to poor signals so we have an extra set of holes. Ouch. You have the option of setting the camera to record by the motion detection, set times or by pressing a button. We choose the motion sensor option and are happy with it so far. Since we have just started using it, I will provide an updated review.

    The wireless receiver is a thing of beauty. It places nice with our wireless router (Linxys) and the small size makes it convenient for placement. Getting the system up and running is a piece of cake too – you simply plug it into your pc or tv. There is no software for your pc, it is a self contained unit and does not provide for fine tuning. An automatic configuration is what you get and hopefully, it works for you. The picture quality is good, not great. A basic SD card of 16 GB (4-6 hours) is included with the package for video storage but we will be purchasing one with larger memory.

    I have also used Logitech’s Wilife security system. How do they compare? This one is a little cheaper, has a 4 camera capability versus Logitech’s 6, these cameras attach permanently while Logitech also has suction cup option (but this only works indoors and doesn’t always work well), this camera appears sturdier but video quality seems about the same. The Logitech Wilife has more options in their software but this one can be used on a computer or tv and is ready to record after being plugged in. I would recommend either one for homeowners or small business owners for added security.

    This system is very easy to set up and recommend it for any DIYers, no real skill required. I do not recommend it for use inside homes, you can purchase cheaper systems that don’t need to be screwed into walls for monitoring.

  7. Stephen Lerch Says:


    For the record, I also own the Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security–Hidden Master System Camera so I can do some comparisons for setup and picture quality and features.

    The Lorex is extremely easy to setup. You just have to plug in the base station device, plug in and mount the camera, insert the memory card and you’re all but done with setup. At least physical setup. Before you allow the receiver to go on recording, you will want to set it up using the on screen menus (you must use the supplied AV cable and connect to a TV for this). This device uses composite connections for video/audio to your TV. Using the remote, press the menu button. From here you can easily pair a new device (if you have more than one camera; if just one camera the DVR and the camera are already paired), setup a schedule for recording (say if you want to record a specific place 24/7 or just during an 8 hour day), adjust the date/time and so on. Everything is rather simple and shouldn’t be too difficult to understand.

    The picture quality. I find that the quality of the picture, even with perfect signal strength from the camera, isn’t that great. The images are washed out. Before you say “well it IS a security camera,” this is an instance where I can compare this device to the Logitech Wi-Life system. The camera with the Wi-Life system auto adjusts it’s colors whereas and looks decent; this device seems to only have a single setting and the images are OK to messy. Black shirts appear washed out blue which doesn’t happen with the Wi-Life.

    One thing this system has when compared to the Wi-Life, other than a better starting price, is a camera with built in infrared imaging. The Wi-Life has infrared only as a kind of expensive add on. With the Lorex system, this option is part of the system. The images from infrared are very good (they are black and white, but that’s the nature of infrared).

    Another thing this system has over the Wi-Life system is it doesn’t require a PC to record. The Wi Life will ONLY record if you have it paired to software installed on a PC. I have a laptop setup in my house, hidden, that does my Wi-Life recording for me.

    One thing the Wi-Life has that this system does not however is remote viewing. I can sit in my office at work, log into the Wi-Life system using Logitech’s software, and see what is going on with any of the cameras setup around my house. With the Lorex, there is no such feature available on this model. You have to have the device with you or have the memory card with you. The Wi-Life can also be setup to email you if there is motion detected, another feature the Lorex system clearly lacks.

    I have, however, experienced some issues with this unit. First, there seems to be a short in my power cable for the DVR. Any movement can cause the system to cycle power. This brings me to my second problem. I didn’t realize this was happening and I removed the included memory card… while it was rebooting, and it has apparently damaged the card to the point of no longer being recognized as a device either in the DVR itself or in my PC. I plan on contacting their customer service department to see what can be done.

    Before deciding on this system or the Wi-Life, decide on what features you need. If remote viewing/access is required, this is NOT the system for you. If recording in the dark is required and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, purchase this system. If you already have a PC you leave on all day, the Wi-Life may be the better option. If you don’t want to invest in a new computer and leave it on all day, the Lorex is the way to go.

    Either system will allow you to copy files to another media (CD, DVD, USB stick, etc) to hand off to law enforcement in case the unthinkable does happen. Picture quality on either system is OK and detailed enough to ID someone as well. The only difference is the Lorex is cheaper but also lacks some features found on the Wi Life.

    Over all I’m satisfied with the product. I will likely keep my Wi Life system setup but augment it with the Lorex for areas I don’t want/need remote viewing.

    For me, as long as I can get

  8. T. Hintz Says:


    I bought the Lorex LW2301 based on several reviews and a friends experience with it. The unit itself is pretty good. The video is passable and the features in the reciever are good.

    My problem came because of aluminum siding interferring with the signal and I wanted to see if there was a way to extend the antenna a small amount to get it in past the siding and closer to the receiver. After waiting on the customer service line for 15 minutes I got a foreign sounding woman that said I needed to buy a range extender even though the camera and receiver were less than two feet apart. (That didn;t say much to the reputed 450 ft range) I sent an email to the customer service address provided on their web site and now a few days later still have received no response.

    I finally got in touch with another friend who has installed similar units professionally and he got it sorted out. It now works fine, no thanks to Lorex. They appear very happy to take your money and to sell you anything else they can if you call back but when it comes to listening to the customer, not so much – if you can get them at all.

  9. Calum Stewart Says:


    Camera works fine is easy to set up and use.

    The menu items are ok but find it annoying that you can delete individual recordings, but the file that is created with them remains and can’t be deleted, so have to scroll through the empty files to get to relevant ones. Definitely aggravating.

    Biggest problem I have is with the motion sensor, it is too slow to trip, often find it has tripped but by the time it records the activity that tripped it has passed and it records open air. For example, forgetting I have it set up, I get home and walk through the house. Remember camera is on automatic, so go back to turn it off. Obviously I have tripped the camera walking past it both ways, but the first recording has nothing, because I am past the camera before it records. The second recording is my back as I walk away, so not much use for id purposes. If someone is slower at walking it probably would work better, but there is no way to change the sensitivity of the trip, so can only hope for slow intruders. I also extended the record time after trip to the maximum of 30 seconds in the hope that an intruder might dither a bit back and forward and be caught that way.

    Everything else works fine and if you want to record for fixed time periods this would not be an issue, also does a good job of recording in the dark, although then the camera becomes very obvious with the red glow from the lens, very visible, but good picture quality for night.

    Overall I like the camera for the money, but wish motion sensor was better.

  10. The Lunar Staff Says:


    This is a descent system for those looking for basic security.


    Very compact system/small footprint

    Good picture resolution with 2 resolution settings

    Built-in microphone for recording audio

    Connects up to 4 cameras

    Split screen – 4 panels (1 per camera)

    Easy to use menu panel

    Wireless Cameras

    Removable 16G SD Card

    Excellent reception – minimal interference

    Quick and easy set-up

    Date stamped image recording

    Connects direct to monitor via RCA plug

    Built-in motion detection sensor

    Pros/Cons (Can be either):

    Stand alone system – No PC connections


    Limited recording time (4-6 hrs.)

    Requires dedicated monitor

    Setting the system up is quick and simple, but helps if you have a second person helping to monitor when you have achieved the best signal reception before you start permanently setting the camera, especially outside.

    Besides the cons, I really do like this video recording system and hope it will outlast my current needs.

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