Mini DVR Video Pen – Gold-accented Executive Pen w/Micro SD Slot Expandable to 8gb, Captures High Res Photos and Video w/Sound. Includes 4gb Card

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7 Responses to “Mini DVR Video Pen – Gold-accented Executive Pen w/Micro SD Slot Expandable to 8gb, Captures High Res Photos and Video w/Sound. Includes 4gb Card”

  1. mini dvr pen Says:


    Just bought the pen and it wont work! The red light stays on and wont turn off. waste of money, DO NOT BUY THIS PEN!

  2. M. Candido Says:


    First and foremost kudos to, you never let me down with your products. Anyways, I was hesitant to purchase this product since there were a couple of negative reviews(especially the one that said it doesn’t work). I have been trying to research product just because the price is just too good to be true. Anyways, here are my observations:

    Product received with some scratches up the top of the pen (at the gold accent). It seems like it had been used before. Although, there was no significant aesthetic damage observed. The instruction manual is poorly translated(grammar error), however, it is readable and understandable(stress on the understandable part). Charging of the pen took approximately 2 hours from a laptop and the “charging behavior” was exactly as what was written on the manual.

    Camera feature: work as the instruction manual described. image captured is comparable to a 1.3 – 2 megapixel camera.

    Video feature: works as the instruction manual described. sound is good, video is ok. it compares to video captured through a 1.3 – 2 megapixel camera.

    **errors on the instruction manual: they should edit the led color when the camera mode or video mode is on. it should not be blue but green**


    + very cheap for a concealed portable device

    + video and camera images are acceptable considering the price(i mean you’re not buying an hd quality video cam here)

    + the indicator led turns off when on video mode making it tough to notice the device

    + the pen works

    + can be charged through the usb


    - when not used to the device, it is hard to determine which mode you are on since there is not a switch or indicator to the modes

    - not hd quality (but for 39 bucks??!!!)

    - instruction manual not properly constructed (grammar errors/poor translation)


    I would like to recommend this device to everyone. The device is cheap and it works. The image/video quality is decent for the price.

  3. Tony Hayes Says:


    After checking around for awhile decided to give this pen a try. Big mistake it came on time but did not work one min. The red would come when you plugged in the charger after that nothing reset nothing I contacted the seller hope we can work something out. I will never try 50 bucks wasted for now, hope this seller lives up to all those high feedbacks

  4. Vegas408 Says:


    I just received the camera pen and after charging it up and trying it out I must say it’s pure …GARBAGE!

    The video quality is horrible. The picture is grainy, the color is faint and it has scroll lines through it.

    Then to top it off, the sound doesn’t match up to the picture. Save your money!!

  5. William Sanders Says:


    I just recieved the pen witch is actually the buisness portable recorder 6 (bpr6). I tryed the pen out and the video quality is great recording at 640×480 with a smooth 30 fps. Sound quality is fantastic too very clear very crisp. The pen is very easy to use as well it is very easy to set the time. the only thing with setting the time is it is in military time. Keep that in mind. This pen is worth every single penny that i paid for it. For a budget pen this one has to be one of the best ones out there. No doubt! for what you pay for it you get a true quality spy pen! Enjoy ;)

  6. Al Says:


    The pen worked as advertised for me. The sound is good, and the resolution is good enough to recognize faces at the table in our meeting room. The video is 640×480, however it is encoded at 1280×960. This means that the 4 GB card fills up fairly quickly (about 1MB per second of video). One hour of video about fills up the pen’s memory. After converting to MPEG format, the video gets down to a more manageable 10 MB/minute or so. The picture quality isn’t great either, but it is good enough to recognize faces, also. The battery seems to charge fairly quickly, after an hour or so, and it lasts as long as the SD card does.

  7. janet Says:


    I am disappointed with this product. There was not enough information on how to operate the pen. I wrote to the manufacturer. Their response was, …it is what it is. I can’t get a refund. It is now in my junk drawer. Hopefully I will find someone who could figure it out. Then it would be too late for me to use

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