Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate

Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate

Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate Rating:
List Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $59.99
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  • Perfect portable night light
  • Built in rechargable battery offers over 10 hours of usage
  • Smart timer turns light of automatically after 15 minutes
  • Cycle through a rainbow of colors or set to one color by pressing the black button on the bottom
  • Kid friendly grab-n-go design

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Baby Monitor Systems MOBI Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate $24.99

10 Responses to “Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate”

  1. Sweet P Says:


    The good: My kids love their new ‘light guys’ and we no longer have to leave their room lights on all night. Its easy to take along for travel, and I plan to use them on car trips as well, since my daughter does not like being in the car in the dark.

    The bad: I ordered 2 lights originally. One of them was defective – the black case on the AC adapter was broken so that it could open easily, exposing the wires inside. I got a replacement and that one had the same problem! The next replacement was fine, however.

    The base charger is nice, but its hard to tell if the light is actually charging or not since slightly shifting the nightlight while it is on the base can change the indicator light from red (not charged) to green (charged).

    You can only use the 15 minute timer with the blue light. It would be nice to be able to turn on the timer independently of the light color.

    Leaving it on blue, the battery easily lasts 12 hours or more. However, the red or changing color modes seem to only last a few hours at the most. So we end up using blue all the time rather than enjoying the other colors.

  2. ccamp Says:


    This light is way too bright for bedtime use. It has that very harsh “LED-like” brightness. My kids really wanted to like them, but they both complained about that they were way too bright and we ultimately returned htem. It’s a shame because we owned the original Mobi TykeLight (not the Glomate). We loved that product (which has been discontinued) and think it was far superior.

  3. Megan M. Glide Says:


    I love this product. I have a one and half year old and a two and a half year old. I first found the mobi tykelight jr at walmart. I was looking to get a second one when my kids starting fighting over the first one I bought. That’s when I discovered this one.

    It is slightly smaller than the JR and has several different color settings and recharges.

    I was so excited about the extra features I decided to get this one instead of another JR. Well surprise, surprise the kids then fought over the new one. So I bought two more.

    One of the additional ones would only turn on to red from the first time we got it out of the box and when it lost it’s charge it wouldn’t turn on or charge. I have to return that one but 2 out of 3 are working fine.

    I would give this five stars if it wasn’t for the charging problems. Like other reviews have stated, it holds a charge most of the night but definitely needs to be charged everyday. That wouldn’t be so bad, but the green light indicating it’s charging and the red light indicating it’s charged aren’t always accurate(I might have switched up what color means what I can’t remember right this moment). There is no way to tell for sure if you have it on the base correctly and the slightest bump can stop it from charging.

    I love the nightlight no matter what but I honestly would rather replace the batteries in the jr every 3 days instead of trying to charge the light everyday and not being sure if it is really charging or not. If it just had a way to lock on the charger so you could know it wasn’t moving and would always be charging when locked on… that would be perfect.

    This is great for any child who tends to pull traditional nightlights out of the wall, a room with bad outlet placing for a plug in nightlight, any young child having trouble with sleeping in the dark and likes to have something to cuddle.

    Oh and the JR has a harder plastic outside covering whereas this one almost feels like a semi rubbery outside.


    I definitely recommend sticking with the JR version of this. I have had to get some JR nightlights only when my son lost his old one and when his sister started wanting one. This rechargeable idea isn’t worth it though. All 3 of the nightlights ended up dieing withing a couple months… they just wouldn’t charge anymore. Also the metal contact pin is too easy for the kids to push up inside and thus prevents charging. My husband managed to pull the pin back out only for it to die within a week. I definitely won’t buy this nightlight again but I still LOVE the JR.

  4. dharmasue Says:


    Please don’t buy this item! I have purchased 2 of these and regret both purchases. The first one my son fell in love with. It stopped working 3 months after we started using it. I thought it a fluke and bought another one. This one lasted a a little over 4 months and stopped working. I contacted the company and they said they only warranty the item 90 days. I think they are very aware of the problem and don’t really care. I think a company should stand behind their products if they want my business. Use caution buying this item. My son loves it and now I am having to choose between my standards and my childs happiness.

  5. N. Weiss Says:


    I just bought this at Babies R Us. I had seen them around and wanted to try it for my son. It lit up for a few minutes, and then completely died…bit the dust. Won’t charge or anything. I read the manual twice to make sure it was not user error. We did everything exactly right and based on other reviews I think it is a matter of poor quality/design. Will be returning this today.

  6. Kim Grzynkowicz Says:


    This is a great idea, I am guessing an “improvement” over the original Tykelight, which we have and love. The original is one constant color. This one is supposed to cycle through different colors, but the one we wanted – pink – never worked. The Tykelight Jr. also is no good, it requires batteries only – no base. I don’t know why they have to mess with something that worked fine.

  7. C. A. Frederick Says:


    We purchased our TykeLight in February 2009, and it was a huge hit with our then 16-month-old. He used it every night, and sometimes during the day, up until a few weeks ago, when the charger failed to work. I finally got around to calling Mobi last week. They were extremely friendly, apologetic, and helpful. Today we received a brand new TykeLight in the mail, with no request to send back the defective one. Not only that, but the charging mechanism on the new TykeLight has been reversed, so what used to be on the bottom of the “person” is now on the base, and vice versa. This makes a lot of sense, because the pieces that used to be on the base of the “person” were quite fragile, while the old base had no movable parts. Also, the parts used this time are a bit more substantive. Wish you could attach pics to reviews, but trust me, my guess is that fewer people will have the same charging issues that have been mentioned in other reviews. I give the company and the newly redesigned TykeLight two huge thumbs up!

  8. Dres Bon Says:


    My daughter loves it the moment she got hands on it. She now likes holding it before she gets to sleep. I like the timer function which just shuts itself in about 15mins. The material looks very durable, it is like a hard (a bit rubbery) plastic. It has also the rainbow mode where it cycles through the different color. I was ready to order more as a christmas presents but saw Amazon has 4-7 wks leadtime now.

  9. Jane W Says:


    I bought 2 for Christmas presents for my grandchildren and neither one works now. One only lasted 3 months. It was a big waste of money and the children are disappointed.

  10. justadad Says:


    We were dumb enough to return of exchange 5-6 of these things with the longest lasting 3 months. They average about 2 months or less on the life expectancy. JUNK JUNK JUNK

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