NEW Slim HD Pen Cam widescreen Digital Video 1280*960p, Still Photos 1600x1200p, Sound Activation, Webcam, Patented Lens (concealment) Protector.

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One Response to “NEW Slim HD Pen Cam widescreen Digital Video 1280*960p, Still Photos 1600x1200p, Sound Activation, Webcam, Patented Lens (concealment) Protector.”

  1. H. James Roseau Says:


    This pencam is certainly one of the best in existence, particularly at the price offered by Ultimate Gadgets on Prior to purchasing this device from the stated company on, I was somewhat skeptical as to its effectiveness. Though the given description (8gb, HD, super slim, concealable lens, etc.) sounded wonderful, I was concerned about its video and/or picture quality. I was specifically concerned about its potential lack of user friendliness. In order to confront such concerns, I conctacted Ultimate Gadgets. Brian, the representative or salesperson that addressed my call, was exceptionally courteous and patient in confirming the accuracy of the description. Owing to his in-depth knowledge in the area of pencam functionality and his ability to share that knowledge with me, I was convinced that this pencam was perfectly suitable for my purpose.

    When I received the pencam, which arrived at my destination very fast, I tested it and was able to authenticate the veracity of the description. There was no surprise. Besides its beautiful appearance, the pencam functioned as expected. The video, audio, or picture quality was amazingly wonderful. Please keep in mind that this pencam uses a very small pinhole camera to capture desired images. As such, the display quality on a laptop screen would appear significantly sharper than that on a large screen television. In my humble opinion, this pencam is better suited for interviews, legal or law-enforcement activities, sales, or other similar activities. If your intended use of this pencam is for the said activities, I advise you not to search any further. This is a great product at a great price from a customer-friendly company. Good luck!

    H. James Roseau

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