Olympus Stylus SW Accessories

olympus stylus sw accessoriesI found some really great accessories for the Olympus Stylus 1030 SW (and other models) camera. Okay, so you bought this great little underwater camera and it is waterproof, but not drop proof.

Imagine enjoying the water and oops… you drop it… and watch it sink to the bottom. All you can do is watch it drift further and further – ten, 20, 30 feet down… Bummer.

Well, I did some research and found an inexpensive solution. I call it a little life preserver for the Olympus Stylus 1030 SW (Stylus 720 SW, 770 SW, 790 SW, 850 SW, Olympus Stylus 1050 SW, and others.)

You can see a picture of it on the left. Its called, “Olympus Floating Strap” and it wraps around your wrist.

You attach it to the camera and voila! Your camera and investment are safe. I found a great deal on a five piece accessory kit that contains the strap as well as spare Li-50B Li-Ion Battery and additional backup, padded soft camera case Precision design, and a 5 piece lens cleaning kit.

This is all you need to capture your vacation – both in digital images and video. Having a back-up battery is also one of the main accessories I suggest everyone has in their camera kit.

I found a great deal on Olympus Stylus SW Accessories, all in one convenient kit, click for more information.


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