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7 Responses to “OUTDOOR FAKE / DUMMY SECURITY CAMERA w/ Blinking Light”

  1. Frank Says:


    Very pleased with product.A great buy for the money.Looks very real and fools everyone.Not one person has yet to figure out its a fake.So well built for the money,and well worth buying.Don’t know how they do it for the price they charge.

  2. Darrell the Rhubarb Says:


    I received my camera today and I suppose it will do. One initial disappointment is that the last statement in the product description: “NOTE: The bracket is now like the one you see in the last picture and is the same color as the camera. It is no longer the metal bracket you see.” is false. I got the cheap, round, sheet metal bracket as shown in the earlier pictures. Beware. It was this false bracket comment that made me decide to go with this vendor given some similar ads.

  3. lighten_up_already2 Says:


    The picture let me to believe that this dummy camera had a metallic finish, but when you get it, in the plain white box with no instructions, you find it is obviously made of plastic. So, this thing will have a use but it will be in back where the light is low and the “dummyness” of this camera is not obvious. Real cameras aren’t much more expensive, so put your money toward a real one.

    On the other hand, I mounted it in a strategic place on my house and my neighbor thinks it’s real, so maybe not a total loss after all?

  4. Administrative Assistant Says:


    This thing looks realistic enough. And if you choose to you can even have it blink, but then you do have to remember to change the batteries.

  5. Frequent Amazon Customer Says:


    We purchased this outdoor fake security camera just as an added measure to dissuade juvenile intruders at one of our properties. It looks quite convincing when mounted high enough over the front door that people cannot see it up close. It has a perpetually blinking red light in what looks like a lens, which helps. However, unfortunately, the sliding cover that is supposed to slide over the battery compartment on top of the camera had no stops on the camera we received. It slides right off the camera, and there is no way to make it stay on. We had to use duct tape in back and hope that holds it. Either the one we received was defective, or the camera is manufactured in a bad way — so that the cover may be prone to slide off, with no way to attach it to the camera. For an item of this price, it is too much trouble to pack it up and ship it back. The seller should replace a defective one, without the need to ship it back.

  6. Chris J. Green Says:


    These cameras have fooled everyone that has seen them, and they are a great deterrent.

  7. Richard Nelsen Says:


    Everything was as expected from these fake cameras except the blinking LED was advertised to last a year on a set of batteries and only lasted 2 months – twice.

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