Outdoor Waterproof Wireless/wired Ip Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection Alarm, Apple Mac and Windows compatible, Silver.

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7 Responses to “Outdoor Waterproof Wireless/wired Ip Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection Alarm, Apple Mac and Windows compatible, Silver.”

  1. Andrew Coile Says:


    I wanted to replace a camera that I had mounted on my garage (looking at my car in the driveway) because it was always fogging over, out of focus, had 1/4 of the IR LEDs die, and otherwise problematic.

    This camera is great! Nice crisp picture; does well even in relatively low-light conditions. Connects flawlessly to the wireless network, and the options for supporting non-IE browsers are great. There is at least one great iPhone app that connects to this camera, as well as the other Foscam PT cameras, and it’s great.

    Only thing that would make it perfect is either the option of a wide-angle lens, or a motorized mount to give it some of the Pan/Tilt options of its cousins.

    Thoroughly recommend this camera!

  2. hwertz Says:


    I’ve ordered two of these cameras. During testing, I did find the color was quite far off for a few items (one wood table looked pink), but in general it was close enough to not be distracting. Sharpness is fine IMHO. I didn’t use the provided software so no comment on it — setup was straight forward using manaual methods though. The wifi worked fine through 2 walls. I’ve read the older revision of this camera had ethernet, power, and reset directly on the camera, although nobody had problems with water intrusion they were concerned about how many holes there were to seal. Mine has the power, ethernet, and reset on the end of some cables, that join into one larger cable at the back of the camera, so no worries over complex seals failing on this one. I think it’s a great camera for the price, I mean, it costs less than the enclosure alone for some other outdoor camera conversions, and way less than any other outdoor camera I could find.

  3. Michael Partain Says:


    You can find this same camera on eBay for about $100. Functionality is ok, the infrared is ok. Camera color and focus are horrible. The image could not in any way be used for security purposes.

    The cable is bulky as they put the Ethernet connection at the power end – so instead of running the power cable through a small hole, you have to make a big hole, then patch it up to keep the bugs out.

  4. George S. Says:


    We couldn’t figure out how to get it working. The company was responsive to our needs but they spoke in technical terms. We got tired of trying to get it to work and just gave up. We had already spent many hours trying to get it to work and just didn’t feel it was worth the effort.

  5. Christopher Cordray Says:


    I have several Wifi/IP cameras inside both my home and business, and this is by far the lesser of the bunch. Night time video quality is limited to a relatively short distance of only about 20 feet, the mounting stand it comes with is very cheap and required some coordination to assemble and install. The biggest draw back was the overall picture quality. Setting the camera adjustments for a decent daytime picture, makes it almost unusable during dark lighting conditions, and vise versa. One would think that an outdoor camera would adjust it’s exposure to meet the needs of changing lighting conditions. All that said, the network setup was easy and the camera does perform under more controllable circumstances. If you’re looking for an outdoors camera for security purposes, this one will disappoint!

  6. LB Long Says:


    This IP camera is fine for monitoring. But, I give it 3 stars for the following reasons:

    1) Cannot seem to remove/delete the default login used during set-up but then is supposed to be replaced by a log-in/password only I know. This to me is a security issue that makes your server vulnerable to attack and viewing of your premises by anyone with the default user/password and camera address.

    2) No technical support other than the tiny set-up manual that comes with the camera.

    3) My outdoor cam is mounted atop a roof for proper viewing but the power adapter/supply is too large to fit into an outdoor GFCI covered electrical box which keeps the plug from getting wet. So, I have to use a cold connection between an outdoor extension plug and the power adapter. Right now, I have placed the plugs inside a plastic tupperware type container. I emailed for a solution and hopefully one will be forthcoming.

    4) From the purported camera manufacturer’s website at [...]:

    “Warning: There are a large number of bootleg/knockoff Foscam cameras being sold as “official Foscam” cameras on Amazon and Ebay. The bootleggers have become increasinlgy (sic) proficient in duplicating the physical appearance of our cameras as well as the user interface. Thus, we can no longer provide support or warranties on behalf of ANY Amazon or Ebay resellers, whatsoever. Please protect yourself and purchase direclty (sic) using the links on this page. If you have any questions or concerns please call us directly at 713 893 7869. All returns and replacements are processed through our warehouse in Houston, TX.”

    I like the camera but right now my advice is to look at purchasing direct from Foscam.us but first make them tell you how to remove and replace the default log-in before you purchase. Then how about telling me by leaving a comment.


  7. S.L. Says:


    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this camera. There are all kinds of cameras out there but very few that are designed and hardened to outdoor use. This camera is much larger than I expected, it’s bigger around than a soda can and about 50% longer than a soda can too. It looks very robust. It has a lot of features and configurations so that you can set it up the way you want it.

    One thing I’ve found in dealing with IP cameras is that the software is terrible. The software for this one actually looks decent though I don’t use it. I only use the software that came with it to do the initial configuration. I use a program called “Blue Iris” for my installations and I can highly recommend it. The nice thing about Blue Iris is that it will work with many different cameras, from $10 web-cams to top end IP cameras. This allows you to add “views” to the system as you can afford it and as you find bargains on cameras. It’s very nice to not have to spend more on a camera than you need to and can integrate it into your system with minimal hassle. Blue Iris controls all the motion detecting, provides web access, etc. This is very important if you have a real firewall with limited node access to the WAN. Instead of 10 cameras (which would be nodes…) using up licenses there’s only the one on the machine that’s actually controlling everything. If you’re creating a surveillance system it’s well worth the $50 bucks for the program.

    The focus and infrared on this camera are absolutely fine. I have the one I just bought watching my garage door on the alley behind my building. No problems so far with wireless networking. I did upgrade the firmware as soon as I got the camera, before deploying it. If you’re not comfortable with things like upgrading firmware I suggest you buy a pre-configured wired system and have all that fun pulling wires ’cause you’re not going to have any fun at all with building your own system.

    I can’t speak to other people’s experience with this camera but from my perspective it’s a great camera. The only reason I bothered to write this review is that I didn’t think it was getting a fair evaluation from the previous review. If you’re into this kind of thing, this is a great device and I’ll be buying more of them for exterior views.

    Oh, one thing I should mention. You’re not going to get the same kind of studio quality HD picture from a surveillance camera in this price range as you would from a $1000+ camera, it’s just not going to happen and it’s unrealistic to expect that. This camera gives a picture and records video that is more than ample for checking on “things that go bump in the night” or for giving a video to the cops to identify the bad guy(s). I want my surveillance system to allow me to see what’s happening without sticking my head out the door and to give me evidence if I need it. This camera is more than suited for those purposes. It’s a very fine camera and the quality is excellent.

    UPDATE: I posted some snapshots pulled from video frames shot by this camera so people could judge for themselves. I don’t know when Amazon will put them on the page but I did upload them so if they’re not visable check back in a day or two.

    For the price I can find no fault in this camera at all. Time will tell how long it lasts, how durable it is, etc. For right now I’m very happy with it and it gives me a 24 hour view where running a wire is just not possible.

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