Panasonic BL-C101A Fixed MPEG-4 Network Camera (White)

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4 Responses to “Panasonic BL-C101A Fixed MPEG-4 Network Camera (White)”

  1. meep Says:


    easy to set up if you have some understanding of IP addressing. pointed browser at the .253 address on the home network, set up the user account.

    I really like that the power supply injects power over the ethernet cable, so there is only one wire to run.

    Resolution is fine for a general security cam. It is a reasonably solid unit with thick metal bracket.

    Low light sensitivity is ok for what it is…. As it approaches dusk outdoors, inside spaces without lighting become too dark to be useful.

    Running mine with a synology NAS (surveillance station) and the integration was straight forward.

    Would love to see an IR model for nighttime use.

  2. Greg Says:


    I purchased this camera as an upgrade for the older BL-C1A. Unfortunately the image quality was terrible (especially when compared to the clean image from BL-C1A). Unclear if the problem was specific to my unit or a general problem. The MPG4 encoding is great and even MJPEG encoding is much faster. The microphone is a nice touch and the field of view is improved over the BL-C1A. However, none of this can make up for terrible image quality.

  3. L. Mo Says:


    I was hoping this camera would function as a motion detection camera that would record clips & upload them to my FTP- unfortunately it cannot do this. (FTPing of MPEG4 clips)

    This camera was purchased to replace the BL-C1A (also a good product). My only gripe with this product is that it cannot FTP the MPEG images to a server of your choice. It WILL store the images on the camera for viewing; however the camera does not have that much memory, and unless you enable overwriting the stored image, you will maybe get 20-30 seconds total mpeg4.

    I don’t understand why it cannot FTP the image out- its already storing the clip locally. Conversations with Panasonic support have verified this, and they also add that NO PANASONIC cameras- even their professional products- allow FTPing of the MPEG4 clips.

    If you plan to use this camera as remote-viewing, it works perfectly. This camera works as advertised in all regards except for the aforementioned one.

  4. Xairboater Says:


    The Panasonic BL-C101A Fixed MPEG-4 Network Camera is the 3rd Panasonic Network cam I have purchased in the last year. The images are OK depending on lighting condition, which I knew before I purchased. Definitely not a low light camera. I like the 1 wire POE connection! Adding the camera to the recording software was easy. This product is a great value: where else can you get an internet/mobile phone accessible security camera with recording software and Panasonic quality for a little over $100?

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