Digital Asset Management – Part 1

Digital asset management, also known as, “D.A.M.” is a term used to describe how to manage digital media such as photographs, videos, and music.  This is accomplished with a variety of available computer software from the expensive and comprehensive, to the inexpensive or even freeware. This six part series investigates the need for digital file organization from the history behind the concept to the various management programs available, such as Google’s freeware Picasa ™ and Microsoft Expression Media.

Images are an integral part of the work a graphic designer does.  This series of articles focuses on photography as the source of image acquisition; however, any media of image is implied, via scan, secondary photography, or other means of converting the image to a digital file.  The term, “Photographer” is used, however, graphic designer, as well as web designer, fine artist, and any other field that uses visuals is implied.

Through out the series you will see endnote marks.  Please refer back to this article, part 1, for the reference.  I hope you enjoy this series and I encourage you to take the time to choose a digital asset management program that works with your particular style and start using it today.

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