Photography Gadgets

Photography gadgets are little tools that can make a huge difference in the type and quality of your images.

Most of the items suggested range from low-budget to high-end items, and within each category you can find a variety of price points, depending on style, quality, name brand, and features.

Some of my favorite items are listed below.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with them, and if you have any other suggestions please leave a comment to share.

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slik pro 700dx tripod with panhead

  • Tripods & other Stabilizer Equipment: Monopods, tripods, and other gadgets that stabilize your camera for shooting are essential to any photographer’s kit. They come in quite a variety of styles and sizes.
  • There is not one right or wrong item to choose.

    The key is to identify what your purpose for using one is.

    Do you primarily take landscape photographs, action shots, rough terrain, portraits, indoors or outdoors?

    I will post a separate article on the subject since there is a lot to consider, and so many types to choose from.

  • Straps: There are a lot of straps available on the market. My favorite is the stabilizer strap.It distributes the weight of the camera off of my neck and onto my shoulders. Also, when not shooting, it keeps the camera close to my body so it doesn’t “fly” around when I move. It has easy connect/disconnect connections.If you have back or neck issues I suggest you include this item in your kit. Other straps to consider include quick release, padded, non-slip, heavy duty, hand-held, leather, breathable (mesh) and metal.Of course, your individual needs and use situations will determine which strap is best for you.
  • Op/Tech USA Grip Camera Strap

  • Close-Up Lens Set: It’s hard for me to discuss these without getting really excited! They are so much fun. Just take a look at the image below and you will get an idea of the possibilities you can have with this little tool. I will write a separate article on this great gadget.
  • Tiffen 67mm Close-up Glass Lens Set (+1, +2, +4)

  • Spray Bottle: Adds interest to objects and reflects light.
  • Emergency Poncho: Great if you get caught in unexpected bad weather with your camera gear exposed.
  • Toys: Little toys to distract and amuse kids. Also connects you with the child.
  • Lens Brush: I prefer a lens brush as first action before other cleaning such as with lens tissue. Some come with a bulb to press air through the bristles for better cleaning.
  • Vest: A photographer’s vest is better than a camera bag for a lot of reasons; however, they are not for everyone. Vests and camera bags are like women’s purses. There are many great styles and features, but don’t work for everyone. I will post a separate article on this subject soon.
  • Domke PhoTOGS Vest - Large (Black)

  • Multi-tool: This does not have to be a name brand, such as the Swiss Army Knife, nor does it have to be expensive. It just needs to have some basic tools that come in handy in the field, such as a scissors, knife, screwdriver, pick, and pliers.
  • Cheat Sheet: I have a cheat sheet for every camera I use. I believe in letting others use my equipment when they show interest, especially young people. Having the cheat sheets in my camera bag allows me to visually explain the basics of some operations of the camera. They are also a great quick reference to remember functions that are not used often.
  • Reflectors: There are many different types and styles of reflectors. I keep a small, foldable reflector in my kit. It pops up open and has a silver side and a gold side. They are available with other colors too, as seen in the image below. I use mine to get a little more light on specific areas of interest in the frame, such as on a flower, or on a person’s eye. This is probably the best tip for a gadget to increase the quality of your images with very little expense, weight, or effort. This is one gadget you must never do without.

Norman Collapsible Reflector 5-in-1 - 32

Norman Collapsible Reflector 5-in-1 – 32″

I hope this list inspired you to go out, get creative with photography gadgets, and take great pictures.


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  1. blogmoneymania Says:

    Thanks for the great list and pics of photography gadgets. I love that vest, it’s great for landscape pic taking!.

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