SE Dummy Security Camera, Dome Shape, 1 Red Flashing Light

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4 Responses to “SE Dummy Security Camera, Dome Shape, 1 Red Flashing Light”

  1. Rafael Abril Says:


    It looks like the real deal… Little red light is working great on movement… cool

  2. K. Patten Says:


    It appears by the picture that you are receiving 5 domes for a low price of $5.49. In actuality you receive 1 dome for $5.49 + $4.?? for s/h charges. I think the picture misrepresents the product that you are purchasing. I feel deceived.

  3. rwizard Says:


    In spite of the needlessly snotty comment by another reviewer, I agree with K. Patten, the listing is a bit deceptive, although I don’t know if this is intentional, or merely sloppiness.

    And while it is true that the pricing is a bit of a clue, I saw low quality dummy cameras for a buck a piece a while back in one of the electronics surplus catalogs, so it isn’t completely out of the question.

    When you think about it, it is a small, lightweight piece of plastic, and a blinking led (the blink circuitry is on the led’s die). There are kid’s toys out there that come packed in a piece of plastic with a blinking led as an attention getter – and that’s the part you throw away! I see no reason a low grade “least cost” unit couldn’t go for this price, although I agree it would normally be sold for a little more. In any case, there are better looking units for sale here than this one, although they do cost slightly more.

    Note to J. Serdynski: If you read so well, why did you misspell K. Patten’s last name? (twice!) And why are you so angry at the world that you savaged this person twice, once in your review, and again in a comment under their review? Just wondering, and hoping you can get past the whole anger thing.

  4. G. Munoz Says:


    Dose what it says. Its a Dummy Camera with red light that flashes when motion sensor detects motion.

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