SE Fake Surveillance Camera with Sensor

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7 Responses to “SE Fake Surveillance Camera with Sensor”

  1. Rodrigo Faustini Says:


    This “camera” works as advertised. Although totally made of plastic, it looks realistic enough (the “lens” is black and reflects some ambient light, like the glass of most cameras out there).

    When it detects moviment nearby, it moves in both directions (that is, it pans back and forth) a couple of times, as the red LED light blinks. It uses three “AA” batteries that can last for several months (assuming it is activated around 4 times a day). There’s an ON/OFF switch outside. No wiring needed for installation (it has an actual white wire behind it, faking its insertion into the wall).

    The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that it doesn’t react to movement everytime. Most times it works, but sometimes it just doesn’t (as if it had an automatic on/off timer). But this is not a big issue because even without moving and blinking, it is still there and do intimidate intruders and thieves sucessfully (well, I hope so). Additionally, one of the 3 units I bought just don’t move or blink at all.

    If you want a fake camera that really looks like an original surveillance camera, look for those models with the lens built-in inside a metal body, without movements, sounds or blinking LEDs.

  2. Pretty much amazing Says:


    I bought this as a joke at work. It’s hilarious! It is a little loud. This one messed up after about an hour and started clicking when it rotated. For my use, that only made it better.

  3. Carl Jr. LeRoy Says:


    I used to be in Security observation, serving convenience stores. I bought one just to try out and it works good! it is not infared so it will not detect movement in low light uses a electric photo eye, detects changes in light. will detect at least 20 feet away. I’m going to reorder. thanks !

  4. M. Morris Says:


    I tried to use these cameras outside and they are not suitable for that. You have to be very close to the sensor (5′) before the camera starts moving and at that distance anyone familiar with surveillance cameras will probably spot these as fakes. The sensors quit working within a matter of months, but once again I had them outside.

  5. Trudy Truth Says:


    Bought this because we have irresponsible dog walkers that left their mark on our property. This situation has really improved. Also,I didn’t really buy it for this but we also have a medical facility across the way. I couldn’t believe the improvement in their patient’s care! I noticed the staff take less breaks and are more attentive to their patients! I can’t thank you enough for this product!

  6. Turd Ferguson Says:


    I know its fake…but it looks realllly fake…I’m afraid that mounting it anywhere would only encourage thieves to pillage with reckless abandon.

  7. Alice Burley Says:


    I bought 6 of these cameras for our various offices and they are very noisy. They move alot, but due to the noise they make one would not be able to use them in an office environment. When they move back and forth they don’t really focus at the person who activated the motion sensor, so that appeared to be very unrealistic. Their appearance from a distance might fool some, but they look very much like a toy.

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