SVAT Wireless Portable Video Monitor with 2.5-Inch LCD & Night Vision Security Camera (Color) GX5201

SVAT GX5201 Wireless Portable Video Monitor with 2.5-Inch LCD & Night Vision Security Camera (Color)

SVAT GX5201 Wireless Portable Video Monitor with 2.5-Inch LCD & Night Vision Security Camera (Color) Rating:
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Product Description

SVAT GX5201 Wireless Portable Video Monitor with 2.5-Inch LCD & Night Vision Security Camera (Color)


  • 2.5-inch TFT-LCD screen provides crisp images
  • Range up to 300 feet (ideal range 100 feet)
  • Eight infrared LEDs let you see in the dark
  • Alarm sounds when the adjusted noise level is reached
  • Easily connects to a TV, VCR, computer or DVR for recording

SVAT GX5201 Wireless Portable Video Monitor with 2.5-Inch LCD & Night Vision Security Camera (Color) out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 682 user reviews
Night Vision Camera & Video Pinhole Camera & Video SVAT Electronics Wireless Cameras & Video SVAT GX5201 Wireless Portable Video Monitor with 2.5-Inch LCD & Night Vision Security Camera (Color) SVAT GX5201 Wireless Portable Video Monitor with 2.5-Inch LCD & Night Vision Security Camera (Color) $219.99

10 Responses to “SVAT Wireless Portable Video Monitor with 2.5-Inch LCD & Night Vision Security Camera (Color) GX5201”

  1. M. E. Clark Says:


    I don’t recommend this camera because it’s not functional at night, the beam is way to focused so you can only see a very small portion of the crib. I would not buy it. The only positives is the sound and the alarm if your baby starts to cry.

  2. C. Balog Says:


    We bought this monitor to help us keep an eye on our daughter as she transitioned from a crib to a toddler bed. This item failed miserably in almost every aspect. Perhaps it would be good for something else, but for what we needed it for – FAIL.

    1) The night vision is worthless. 3′ range, max. I understand that night vision works by amplifying available light. I understand that there are IR LEDs on this unit to help out in that respect. What I don’t understand is why a company would make a night vision camera that only throws light around 3′ or uses a camera sensor that isn’t sensitive enough. Maybe I do — cost. The company cheaped out on the sensor and LEDs. For anything other than mounting on a crib to watch an infant, this unit is worthless.

    We had it set up around 8 feet from her bed, and it showed nothing but black. As a test, I put one of her stuffed animals around 18″ from it, and it picked it up, but was struggling too much past that.

    YOU HAVE TO FLIP A SWITCH ON THE CAMERA TO SWITCH IT FROM DAY TO NIGHT VISION. This is absolutely ridiculous. Especially given the bad camera mount – it makes a nightly ordeal of setting up the camera for bedtime. That kills the purchase outright.

    2) Camera mount – as the previous reviewer mentioned, the camera mount is very light, and easily moves around. Once you get it set, it should be fine, but it takes a while.

    3) Monitor unit – It’s just bad. You either have to have the thing tethered with the cord, or put batteries in it. Not both. The user interface is bad. none of the buttons are actually labeled. Good luck with that in the middle of the night.

    4) Interference. None of the wireless devices in my home operate on the same frequency, so there shouldn’t be an issue, right? Wrong. There was constant static that I couldn’t get rid of. I even tried the ferrite plugs, and nothing. That’s really was the tipping point for me.

    5) Pros- the daylight view is good. You can attach up to 3 cameras total (maybe it takes that many to get decent night vision?).

    So, to sum it all up – poor night vision, no thought into usability, and bad technical engineering. If you’re spending the money for this – spend a bit more and get something better.

  3. GenZen Says:


    I was hesitant to purchase this after reading the last review. But my experience has been delightful.

    I have no issues with power interference or power filter problem. Power supplies for camera and receiver are perfectly fine. I can connect the units to any outlets around my house and they work fine.

    I originally had some WiFi interference with my wireless router because the receiver was right next to the router in my office when I was testing it. But, once I moved it away from the router, it worked perfectly fine with no interference.

    **UPDATE** There is some interference but not drastic enough to distort the image. It depends where the receiver is around the house.


    * Color picture quality is excellent compared to the black and white Summer Infant monitor product (which had terrible interference problem).

    * Also, I like the auto enable feature. Basically, the unit stays on standby (the receiver screen in shutoff until a sound from the camera activates it automatically). The input audio level can be adjusted on each individual camera.

    * The unit supports up to three cameras

    * The receiver color screen brightness is adjustable (so late at night, you can make it a bit darker)

    * Lens has a nice wide-angle view. From 6 feet away, it can almost cover the length of a twin mattress


    * The receiver uses four AAA batteries. I would have preferred a slightly thicker unit if it accommodated AA batteries. I have plenty of high capacity rechargeable AA batteries that I use for all our digital toys, but no AAAs. AA batteries are generally cheaper too.

    * The power plug connects inside the battery compartment. The batteries have to be removed in order to use the power adapter. BAD DESIGN. This is incompetent design.

    * Night vision is weak past 2 feet away. I can barely see anything past 4 feet.

    * Camera lens does not zoom in or out. A manual zoom lens 2x or 3x would be a great feature to add in the future.

  4. mom2boy+twinboys Says:


    We bought this because of the multi-camera function since we have twins. This is a total waste of money. We had originally ordered the Levana Babyview 20 video monitor but returned it because it doesn’t have the ability to connect multiple cameras. Having tried that one out I can tell you that it is a MUCH better product! The sound is much clearer, there is no interference, set up is simple and it actually has a clear picture.

    The cons of the SVAT were:

    1) It is not ‘color’ as advertised. I never saw a bit of color on the screen.

    2) There is a ton of interference even when our wireless router was turned off. Rolling lines on the screen accompanied by a clicking sound which is exceptionally obnoxious, especially at night. This happens each time it switches between cameras and each time anything comes near the handheld unit.

    3) It does not have a sensor which switches it to night vision. You must switch a tiny little switch on the camera. Imagine trying to do this in the dark if you accidentally forgot to do it before puting baby down for the night.

    4) The night vision doesn’t work well at all. Compared to the Levana Babyview, it is horrible! The Levana could see all the way across the room and was still clear. This is hardly visible from 2 ft. away. One of the cameras (we ordered an extra one seperately) seemed better than the other.

    5) The handheld unit is huge and awkward and made out of a cheap plastic which doesn’t seem durable at all.

    6) The cameras might be fine once they were mounted, but they are also made out of a cheap, lightweight plastic and won’t stay put unless they’re mounted in place.

    7) The instructions are very confusing. When setting up the channels on the handheld unit, down is ‘on’ and up is ‘off’ so it took a while to even figure out how to get a picture out of both cameras.

    8) In order to use the handheld unit without the ac adaptor, you have to remove the back cover and take out the batteries.

    9) The battery life in the handheld unit was horrible! I think they lasted about 2 hours.

    10) Before playing with the 3 channels, this totally blocked our wireless router.

    The pros were:

    1) Price.

    2) Ability to add additional cameras.

    All in all, I would definitely spend a little more money and get something that works.

  5. milk lover Says:


    SVAT GX5201 Wireless Portable Video Monitor with 2.5-Inch LCD & Night Vision Security Camera (Color)

    This product has been a Godsend to me. Although it was designed as a baby monitor I have used it to keep track of my herd. Instead of running to the barn every 2 hours to check on pregnant does, I can check the monitor to see if there is any activity and be well prepared for it.

    It has been a very useful tool and the sound alerts are also extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for peace of mind. The portability of the monitor, also makes life simpler. This product is very versatile! There is occasional disruption by using a microwave, so put the monitor in a room other than the kitchen, or keep the microwave use to a minumum when checking it. You won’t be disappointed by this product!

  6. J. Potter Says:


    This is a great product, well designed, particularly as compared to other baby video monitors on the market. It is small, not bulky, gets a great picture and works well. We have two cameras/two monitors, and have the rechargeable battery for the monitor, which improves the design issue of where the power cord attaches. Overall though, a quality product designed well.

  7. Thomas Chmielarczyk Says:


    I purchased the GX5201 system(camera and monitor) and an extra camera plus rechargeable batteries for both the monitor and cameras.

    I purchased this system after extensive review of the products available on the market. I am the father of four children ages 12, 6, 2 and 8 months and made this purchase primarily to monitor the newborn while sleeping and the 2 year old during naps etc. However, I found that as a homeschool family we can also use this system to monitor the kids while they work on schoolwork and my wife and I cook, clean etc.

    One of the main reasons I made this purchase was the quality of design. Many of the competitors products are “cute” and oversized…somewhat akin to a babies toy. The GX5201 system looks like what it is…an electronic device. The performance is fantastic with the exception of an occassional screen flicker here and there which as I understand is inherent to wireless technology. The optional rechargeable batteries were in my opinion a must and they do not disappoint. They are designed very well and fully integrate with the monitor and camera perfectly. The ability to move either of the cameras to any room is great and the charge is about 3-5 hours. I give my highest recommendation to the purchase of this product and cannot stress enough the additional purchase of the optional rechargeable batteries.

    This review is entirely honest and I am in no way affiliated with this company.. just very pleased with a great product.

    Thomas Chmielarczyk

  8. WM Says:


    My standards may not be as stringent as some other reviewers, but this product works in our home, and I give it 5 stars for that. We live in a zero lot line subdivision so we have lots of neighbors in close proximity and we received TONS of interference with other video monitors (we tried 3 different brands before this one). One popular brand even showed our neighbors baby when turned to channel A — um, creepy, and no. The others received so much interference that literally all we got was static and hiss. This monitor worked really well. It knocked out our wireless router on channel 1, but when switched to channel 2, that issue went away entirely. The microwave disrupts it when its running, and sometimes you have to adjust the monitors position on the table if it starts to flicker a little, but overall, this unit works and works really well. Sound is great and if we turn it up loud we can hear the baby breathing — even over ths white noise of the humidifier running. Its not a high definition picture, but its clear enough to see whats going on , and its in color. Overall, extatic with this purchase for the simple fact that this monitor works where so many others didn’t.

  9. M. Perod Says:


    I have an older version of the SVAT monitor system for my twins, and we love it. It’s black and white, but it does a great job. My husband and I bought the new Color monitor system for my sister and her husband for their new baby. WOW! What a difference. It has a great picture and so many new features. We wish we had one for ourselves. I highly recommend the system.

  10. S. Coales Says:


    This unit will pick up interference from any number of household electrical items. In my case, this was seen by a rolling line on the screen – maybe once a second or so. Annoying when using the night vision mode, and also when you want to use the sound from the camera too – with each roll of the line, you get a clicking sound.

    I was able to, largely, get rid of this interference by slapping on a ferrite core noise suppressor to both the camera power line and the monitor power line. FERRITE CORE 1/4″ CORD NOISE SUPPRESSOR well worth the couple of dollars…. Though why on earth the manufacturer didn’t work this little gem out and do it already is beyond me.

    I have a set of wireless speakers in the housePodz Wireless Rechargeable Speakers, I use a 2.4GHz wireless router (same frequency as this camera) and was able to prevent interference by using ONLY channels 1 and 2. Using channel 3 blocked my router completely. Cordless telephones were unaffected.

    The power adapter input for the monitor IS inside the battery compartment which is a royal pain if you plan on going truly wireless with rechargeable batteries. You have to pull out the batteries and leave the battery compartment cover off to use.

    The metal kickstand is alright, it works, it doesn’t fold over and droop as I expected.

    The ‘scan’ function works surprisingly well – this allows you to set the monitor to come on whenever sound is detected (baby crying, or door opening etc). You can even set the level at which the thing activates, which is actually quite sensitive.

    In ‘auto’ mode the monitor will track between however many cameras are connected – flicking between views every 10 – 20 seconds or so, which again is rather handy. I will be putting one camera at each end of our basement so I can see what the kids are up to.

    The camera mount will move if you even so much as think about looking at it, so place or mount it carefully unless you want to be for ever re-adjusting the thing.

    The IR LED night vision… other reviewers put the useful range at about 6 foot – that’s generous, but it really depends what you need to see. Still, it’s good enough to see what our infant is doing in his crib at night. I dare say you could improve this by using another IR source in the room though (to see what I mean, play around with your TV remote, you will see the flashes…).

    The selection switches for camera input are wicked small DIP switches (3 pin) that are secreted away at the bottom of the monitor unit. Still, I suppose that once they are set you don’t need to be changing them all too often. I am shocked that the manufacturer did not hide them behind the power adapter input or somewhere even more inaccessible.

    Oh! And you can plug this into your TV if you really need to. The picture quality is alright, you can even plug in the sound too.

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