Wireless IP Camera with Pan & Tilt, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Apple Mac and Windows compatible. Color – White

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10 Responses to “Wireless IP Camera with Pan & Tilt, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Apple Mac and Windows compatible. Color – White”

  1. Gemini Says:


    I wrote a bad review of this wireless camera last night, but have since deleted that review. In my last review I remarked specifically on how incredibly difficult it is to setup this camera for wireless use and It is difficult because there are many technical issues involved that were unfamiliar to me and the thought that this could be just a piece of chinese garbage never left my mind. The frustration factor was really getting to me. But, like a jigsaw puzzle, if you just walk away from it and return later, it will come together. This camera does work and much to my satisifaction, but be prepared to mess with it a little bit. And you’ll learn a lot of other things along the way.

    Oh Yeah! Don’t forget about the firewall!!!

  2. DVD Maniac Says:


    As I’ve read a lot of negative reviews on Foscam and Foscam-like cameras, I thought I should share.

    My experience is with the genuine Foscam camera. There are some knock-offs; I have no experience with them. I have read that their firmware and software is different, so what I write here may not be applicable to them.

    Genuine Foscam products apparently come in a distinctive package with cardboard packaging; that’s what I got. The camera looks exactly like on the box, but the box is reversible and has a picture of a different camera on the ‘other’ side. Not to worry, it’s just a case of efficient packaging.

    It came with:

    – the camera (a white one for me)

    – a power adapter

    – a 3′ Cat5 network cable

    – a wall mount (an unexpected bonus)

    – a Wi-Fi antenna

    – a CD-ROM and user manual

    I’m going to address the three items that concerned me the most about the camera: quality, ease of installation, and noise level. I wanted to use it for a baby monitor, so noise was a concern for me. I got the white model to blend in with the baby monitor and other stuff.

    First off, the camera is NOT hard to install. Some people have complained that Foscams (or clones) are difficult to install and they can’t figure it out. Simply put, setting up this camera is not any harder than setting up a wireless router, laptop, or any other wi-fi device you might come across.

    So, if you have no idea how to set up and configure a wireless network – aside from clicking a “Connect Me” button – you are likely going to have problems. But if you have set up your wifi router, and have access to the wireless security settings, you are not going to have any problem.

    You will likely need or want to plug the camera directly into your hub or router for the initial configuration. The camera defaults to automatic DHCP, so it will automatically acquire a network address from your router. I didn’t try it with just plugging directly into a computer, so I don’t know what will happen, but if your PC is set up the right way the camera will get an IP address from the PC.

    You can then use the enclosed IP Tools software to find the camera on the network. The tool will allow you to do all of the configuration you want. I didn’t use it, mostly because I saw no need to install yet more software on my already-clogged PC.

    You can also use some way of discovering the network address – I went to the router DHCP status screen to find it. I then logged directly into the cameras web server. From there, you can obviously do everything you need. I personally set up everything, including the IP address and wifi settings, before I tried unplugging the network cable to test the wireless capability.

    You will need access to your wifi security settings. All you really need to do is paste the security key into the camera’s key field, so it can connect. If you want a static IP, you will obviously need to fill in all the relevant fields – the camera will barf if you try to set something incorrectly.

    One trick is that on the camera home page, there are two login buttons. The first one works for IE only. The second one, which is below the first, is for Firefox/Chrome.

    I accidentally logged in to the IE screen with Firefox, and it came up, but wouldn’t do anything. Which is to say, none of the buttons or controls would function. Using the right login button fixes the problem.

    It does look like the Firefox/Chrome login does not have all of the features of the IE login screen, specifically with regards to multiple-camera simultaneous display. I only have the one camera, so this didn’t concern me, but if I get another I might notice the lack. My IE is fubar and I wasn’t able to try out that side of it, but I may do later on a different PC. Foscam might change this; they seem to have a history of making improvements to the firmware/software for these cameras.

    The manual was clearly not written by a native English speaker, but I found it perfectly understandable. In all honesty I didn’t hardly use it because the camera web interface is fairly well organized. Again, if you’ve set up a wireless device before, all of this will be familiar. The CD is a mini-CD.

    Second and third, the camera quality appears good. It is well made. It is also virtually silent when moving, which is nice to see (or *not* hear, as it were). I read something about it making a lot of noise, but that is not true of the one I got, so it may be another characteristic of the clones.

    The image quality is, to my mind, fairly good. You can select 640x or 320x resolution, with corresponding changes in the update rate. I haven’t measured the angle of view, but I’d judge it as medium-wide. With the pan/tilt, it matters a bit less anyway.

    The update rate of the camera varies with resolution and the amount of movement/change in the frame. I imagine this is because the camera image compression works better on sequential frames that change very little, where scenes that change a lot require more horsepower to process. Update rate changed from about 1 second per update to about 5 seconds per update, depending on connection (wired/wireless) and what was going on. Not the best security camera in the world, maybe, but still pretty decent.

    The camera does have auto-panning modes, where you can set it to pan horizontally or vertically automatically. In a lot of instances, this will work fine, but the update rate can get pretty slow. It’s not suitable for Skype, or at least not in wireless mode at high resolution. Wired and low-res might cut it, but only barely.

    Natural light and daylight image quality is just fine, and quite comparable to any other webcam on the market IMHO. At least comparable to my Logitech USB cam. There is a lot of barrel distortion but honestly, who cares? You can see what’s going on, that’s what matters.

    Night vision is limited by the range of the infrared LEDs, but I found they were really quite bright and perfectly adequate for illuminating a mid-sized room. I’m not sure about a garage, but if you turn up the brightness a little I think it would more than likely work fine.

    It does go black & white at night, but the level of detail is perfectly adequate for virtually any use, and realistically a little better than I was expecting. I’d take a guess and say the night vision on this camera is equal to or better than any other – that is just a guess, because I have no experience, but suffice to say this one works and works well at night.

    Wireless range is decent enough for what I need, YMMV. I haven’t seen it drop once yet, and it’s been going 48 hours.

    The live video controls include pan and tilt – there is no zoom. You can also auto-pan and auto-tilt as well as flip and/or mirror the image. These would be useful for ceiling mount.

    There’s a few settings for image contrast, brightness and the like which I never needed to touch.

    Missing on the Firefox/Chrome page is the multi-camera view and the multi-camera select options, so I didn’t try those. Not sure why they’re not there, but it likely has something to do with how the software handles FF/Ch vs. IE.

    One minor quirk is that the camera will do a sort of self-test when started up, which involves automatically panning the head around. It looks like some kind of demonstration mode at first. It will stop moving after about 30 seconds. There is also a blinky LED that you can turn off.

    I wasn’t able to try out the motion detection because it’s not available on the Firefox/Chrome web page. It may be available on the IE page, I’m not sure. I never installed IP Tools, but I assume it’s available there as well. Email and FTP are linked to the motion detect.

    I haven’t tried the audio yet, so no comments on that. I may do just to see how it compares against my ‘real’ baby monitor.

    I didn’t use the wall mount, but I’m happy I got one anyway. I might need it sometime; baby doesn’t stay baby forever.

    The power adapter is one of those ‘narrow’ kinds that plugs in with the body sticking sideways, so if you want to plug it into a wall socket it won’t block the other outlet.

    Overall, I’d recommend this camera. It works fine, is quiet and unobtrusive, has decent image quality day and night and is not hard to set up and use. It seems unlikely you’re going to get anything significantly better, at least at this price point. I’m glad I got it.

    Additional: The FF/Chrome web page does seem to stop responding occasionally. This looks/works like an auto-logout function, but the browser gives no indication that it’s no longer refreshing the image and simply gets stuck on the last image.

    This may be a multi-user thing, as the camera has stayed live for 12-13 hours on many occasions.

    This makes it difficult to tell if you’re really seeing ‘live’ or not unless the image is always changing. It *may* make the camera unsuitable for 24/7 monitoring on static/semi-static scenes without periodic refreshing. depending on what is causing it.

    I think this is a FF/Ch issue and not a problem with the camera connection itself, but admittedly I can’t know for sure, nor can I be sure if this affects IE as well. Enabling the auto-pan would tell you if the browser is stuck, but that might not be convenient for all applications.

    I also attempted to get the audio working, but there doesn’t seem to be any sound from the camera via the web interface. Still haven’t tried IP Tools to see if it’s supported there. None of this bothers me particularly.

  3. M. Mazzatenta Says:


    I purchased the camera based off the reviews from Amazon.com. I was truly disappointed. I worked with tech support for over two hours to get the camera to work on my wireless network. Nothing they tried would work. I returned the camera, having to pay for shipping, so they could test the camera to see if it was faulty. I have not heard back from them since. I have sent two emails asking for updates and they still have yet to respond. I also filled out a support ticket with there company but know one has responded yet.

    Also, read the 100% guarantee carefully. They will only give you your money back if they can’t get the camera to work on your network. If you decide to return the camera (within the 7 day return period) just because you are not happy with it they charge you a 15% restocking fee.

    I will never recommend this company to anyone!!

  4. Dr. Marion Rollings Says:


    On the advice of my tech-savvy nephew, we bought this camera so I could keep an eye on my parrots in our birdroom. I thought it would be decent but had no idea how good this camera is. I gave it only 2 stars in the ease of installation section because there was no way I could install this thing without my nephew and his advanced knowledge of networks, etc. I have a PhD in psychology and am relatively intelligent but I got to page 3 of the rather poorly written instructions and gave up. My nephew agrees that this would be a difficult thing to install if one is not familiar with the more technical aspects of computers, wi-fi, and networks. Once installed, it is really amazing–I mean, from my office, 15 miles away, I can pan the birdroom and not only see what the birds are doing, but can hear them and TALK to them. The image quality is awesome. It works best in Internet Explorer, but since I don’t use that, my nephew set it up in Google Chrome with an app that allows the camera controls to function as smoothly as if it was in IE. In Chrome without the app, it is just as someone else mentioned in a previous review–clunky and slow moving. I am not sure if the audio functions work in Chrome either. But download and install that app (even I could manage that), and it is smooth sailing. I am thrilled with this camera. It does work with the Ipod Touch however, you cannot move the camera around, probably due to the touch screen, so you get a fixed image. Still pretty amazing! I think anyone who has companion animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc), and would like to not only monitor them but also communicate with them, this is the camera for you. It would also be a great addition to a security system. The night vision on this thing is great. I have no idea how good the more expensive models are, but this camera, for the money, is a great deal.

  5. Concerned Netizen Says:



    Great cam if you can deal with the technical setup issues and are interested in great video quality and/or night vision. Forget it if you’re interested in audio.


    1. VIDEO QUALITY – One of the best I’ve seen for an IP-based camera, especially in this price range.

    2. NIGHT VISION – SUPERB! I tried it in a dark room with all lights off and I could see in the room just as if the lights were on (of course everything is in black and white in this case). Blows anything I’ve tried before out of the water.



    a) I bought this camera for a baby monitor after reading the review of someone else who bought for the same reason and said the audio quality was good. That’s not true at all. Maybe they got a superior version of the product, but I doubt it. The audio makes a pretty loud static noise every time the image updates, which for me is just over once per second. It’s even more pronounced in wireless mode than in wired mode. I’m sure you can imagine how annoying that could get listening to that repetitive noise all day while the baby sleeps. It’s still not bearable, even in wired mode. My guess is that the processor in the device draws too much power/makes too much noise and interferes with the audio recording.

    b) When you pan/tilt the camera, it makes a LOT of noise. I could deal with this if it weren’t for 1a.

    c) I tried the “2 way” audio feature to send audio to the camera, and it sounds really distorted on the other end.

    2. UNSIGNED ACTIVEX – In order to use the audio or MJPEG video features you have to use Internet Explorer and you have to install an “Untitled” ActiveX object that is unsigned. Getting this working requires jumping through a few hoops and is not for the technically light hearted. If they’d just pay for a certificate and get their control signed, it would save people a lot of trouble.

    3. PAN/TILT CONTROL – Not that great. If you press the button to move the pan/tilt a little bit, it moves just a tiny amount. You have to hold down the button to get it to move any usable distance, and then a delay in the image update makes it hard to time the movements just right. There should be some sort of velocity control for how fast the camera moves.

    4. DOCUMENTATION – Not very good, unless you know Chinese. Sentences are not well written, but can be understood with some effort.

    5. INSTALL/SETUP – Not very good. The camera comes with some software that’s supposed to auto-detect your cameras and let you configure them, but I never got it working. The camera was still accessible via the web interface, however.

    I’m most likely going to return the camera and look for something better suited to my needs. If I think of a good reason to have a good quality night vision camera around for the video alone, then I’ll keep it.

  6. BLT Says:


    The Ads for this product are misleading. The item advertisies IT support and reviews show people that received phone support. If you buy through Amazon, phone support doesn’t exsist with the seller or FOSCAM. The phone support shown in reviews are from people who bought from other companies (not through Amazon). The only support you get if you buy through Amazon is E-mail exhchange oversees with someone who has very limited English ability. Most of the time they send you images from the instructions, which are poorly written.

    I did get the camera working, and am happy with it, but it took two weeks of E-mail exchange and finding blogs with better instructions to set it up the way I wanted. It was very time consuming. Also, they don’t tell you, that if you use an Iphone to watch video, the sound does not work.

  7. Natalie Straetger Says:


    This camera when it is working properly is AWESOME! but honestly it constantly falls off line for no reason, sometimes you can’t acces the site, and everything happens randomly as I don’t move the camera around and is is about a foot away from the wireless.

    But one good thing about foscam is that their Tech support is INCREDIBLY GOOD.

  8. R. Baribeault Says:


    I have tried many IP cameras with limited success. So when I found this one on Amazon, I was somewhat skeptical; particularly given its low price. With its ability to pan, zoom, tilt and with features such as low lux and wireless, it seemed to be too good to be true. Well, truth be known, it is all as advertised, plus! The camera unit is sturdy and the low lux is fantastic! Customer support went over and above the call of duty. I had some difficulty in installation and in setting up port forwarding through my router. Not only were the responses rapid and accurate, but a scheduled conference call to walk me through the port forwarding did the trick. Even after the call was completed, support was still trying to help me out with a problem that I have experienced for many years with my DSL provider and my SMTP settings. In short, I highly recommend this camera and the seller. Outstanding. Now, I am looking at their outdoor IP camera! Another purchase to be made on Amazon!

  9. Gene Thomas Says:


    This is a pretty good product overall. No trouble installing or operating it. Night vision IR works well.

    My three complaints are that, the picture quality is poor in color (washed out looking), even in daylight.

    The 2ed problem is that their software has NO “Presets” option for camera positions. It’s a hassel every time you change the pan or tilt to get it back to its origional position.

    My final complaint is that the Audio pickup and speaker are very bad quality, almost not worth using.

  10. Gerard O. Couture Says:


    My name is Gerry, and I am a real person who purchased this camera. I can’t say enough good about the camera and the tech named David who helped me set it up. Any other company would not have spent the time he did helping me set it up wireless. The man is a Saint. The picture is very good, Infrared is black & white, I love the feature that send stills to your computer if it detects movement. By the way, It is a genuine Foscam, not a copy. I paid a little more than one off e- bay but It is worth every penny. I bought it to watch my puppy and the house when we go out. If your looking at cams try it out, well worth the money. The company IPCAM Central had it to me in two days. They answered my email right off. Bottom line, the best company I have ever dealt with bar none. Thanks again David. I could go on all night but I think you get the picture, get it, picture, little joke. Customer service 5*****+ I ask David how I could thank him and he said write me a good review, David you earned it.

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